Friday, August 29, 2008

Colorado State Fair/ Rice Necklaces

Right now we are at the fair in Pueblo, CO about 1 hour drive from our home in Colorado Springs, until Labor Day. We have alot the merchandise here including the Rice Jewelry.

I write 9 letters per side on a grain of rice, put it into a very tiny glass bottle (there are over 25 different shapes and colors), fill it with oil, cork it, cap it and attach it to a necklace, key chain, cell phone lanyard or ribbon choker. The oil helps to magnify and preserve the rice.

There are bottles we have put 8 grains of rice in, with 16 names, of the kids and grand kids, for a Grandma's birthday. We have also put in ashes and various other tiny objects that have a meaning to the wearer.

Some of the other things we have for sale, that are on eBay too, are the shoe laces, scarves and no headache sun visors.

Please visit my eBay store often to see new and varied items. If anything I mentioned here interests you, please email me for more information. And as always bulk inquiries are always welcome.