Monday, June 25, 2012

WHICH WICH - Superior Sandwiches - Colorado Springs CO

A new sandwich shop in Colorado Springs.
Interesting concept - you pick the category of sandwich and the corresponding bag.  With a marker you mark what dressing, veggies, cheese, type bread, toasted? etc.
Take it to the counter pay for it and the day we were there 8 folks were working the 'line'.
There was an error on what we were charged, but this manager took care of it immediately and gave us a card all punched out for a free sandwich  Fantastic customer service!!
  We were so impressed we went back the next week with out of town grandaughter and her friend. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

6 Hocking Glass Canisters 1940's

6 Hocking Canisters mid Century Like New
 So I guess I should start at the beginning.  After my Mom passed away in NY we inherited the house and all the contents.  By the time we were done sorting stuff we found over 500 drinking glasses. So to say there was alot of stuff is an understatement. 

We were lucky enough to know an appraiser who came and spent a whole day going through all the stuff, while he talked and gave values, his wife was going through drawers and cabinets!  There were no big treasures but we wanted to know the values so we could yard sale alot of it before we moved back out west.

Our garage here was jammed packed and are determined that this is the year we really make decisions about it all.  We had taken these canisters out and they were waiting to be photoed for eBay.  Our good friend Danna Crawford was here, saw them and said I really needed to get them listed 

I had no idea what they were until one day I was on Pinterest and saw a jar like mine that said Jadeite / Jadite.  That day became one of research and alot of discussion on a Facebook group. One gal has a friend who is an expert on Jadite and gave me alot of very helpful information.  The Green Color is flash on or fired on over clear glass.



Flour Shaker
There was some discussion that they may be reproductions because they are in such good condition.  I wrote in the description that I really think they were a wedding gift to my parents who married in 1941.  Mom's kitchen was always blue and Grandma (who lived in the same house as us) - was red.  There was no way either of them would have put anything green in either of their kitchen. 

BTW - Prior to the early 1940's Hocking was the Glass company. Anchor was the company who did the lids and after they merged they added the Anchor logo. My canisters do not have the anchor logo!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Hail Storm Colorado Springs CO June 6, 2012

Our back yard.
We were at a little League game.  Weather prediction was 10% chance of rain.  The games were put on hold because of lightening.  At the very same time I received a weather alert that there was a severe thunderstorm for the whole county, it started hailing.  

We had to drive the 7 miles home in the rain in hail after pausing a few minutes under an overpass.  

It hailed the whole way home and the water  was running hard, fast and wide.  Had we delayed any longer we may have been stuck in  the fast moving water.  News said it was a 100 year storm and 4" fell in 2 hours with some baseball sized hail (thank goodness we didn't see any of that!!)

Here are some photos I took last night and this morning

The yard is blanketed with shredded maple leaves
Our pot of pansies devastated
Parsley and Chives without leaves and blooms and hail still there at 10AM this morning.
Yarrow crushed and a hole in St. Francis' bird bath
Water rushing in our gutter, sidewalk and driveway. The street is 5 lanes and the water was from curb to curb.
The mall near us.  These piles are the way there were, not plowed.
The drainage is so bad the hail piled up.  The roadway was cleared but it was solid last night. 12 cars had to be pulled out.
See the 2 workers on top of the pile.  An opening was plowed so cars could pass through.
Our grass and swing.  It will be amazing if our garden survives.

We are very lucky, little damage and a few dents in the car but our neighbors and many people have water in their basement. Heard on the police radio a blind woman called 911 because she felt water on her feet and thought her house may be flooding.  Can you imagine that fear?