Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes people watching at any fair or show is worth our fee to be there.  This fair was no exception.
Supposedly there were 4 STATE FAIR SUPER HEROES walking around the fair too.  This is COTTON CANDY.  Never found out who the guy is.  We regret we did not get a photo of LARK MAN, who was around alot and very committed to his duties!

We love coordinating outfits and this man had our admiration. Even orange shoes.  I suspect if there were orange jeans he would have them too. We have some shoelaces that would match perfectly. Herbscraftsgifts eBay Shoelaces


One of the street entertainers are WASHBOARD WILLIE AND WISHBOARD WANDA.  They are the cutest couple, he sings and pulls a little wagon while playing different instruments and a washboard.
And since we are in Florida, we think there are those that only own shorts, so when it gets cold they have to improvise with long johns!


Besides all the animals the FFA and 4 H'ers were showing, there were several other animals, shows and displays featuring large and trained animals.

They were across from our booth and had 3 different races several times each day.  It is a local company who have been in the circus and stunt business for many generations.

I took a stroll one night and came across a building with unusual animals in it, including this pair. 

SPLASH - performing SEA LIONS
They were near us too and I tried to go over to see most of the performances.  There were 3 sea lions.  Bruce is the big one in the middle and then 2 girls on either side.  They did the typical ball on nose tricks and catching rings, but the trainers added little twists to make it more involved.

One trick, done to the Olympic theme music, was Bruce doing a hand stand on one flipper and then he carried the girl across the stage, on his nose.

The end of the show was a conga line. Too, too cute.
Those 2 shows were free and always had a crowd.


And then next to us a was huge display of the largest ALLIGATOR (Big Al), PIG, HORSE, STEER and PYTHON and the SMALLEST HORSE. 

I really dislike snakes but this python really fascinated me.  It was so big and long. 




The head is pretty close to the front glass, but what is really interesting is the circumference of the body.  It had been awhile since it had eaten so that is just it's normal size.  One day the sun was shining on the skin and the dark, dark spots were a beautiful navy blue. The "handler" told me it was probably just the oil on the skin that was making it look like that. (No, he really didn't handle it!)
The thermometer is kept in there to keep the glass cage around 115 degrees.

Some of the FOOD at the FLORIDA STATE FAIR 2010

These are not the real cookie we knew as kids as elephant ears.  They are just flattened, fried dough, sorta like a funnel cake with no spaces and done as one solid piece.

In New Mexico it is called Indian Fry Bread.  These had a ton of powdered sugar and no cinnamon.  The fry bread, we are well acquainted with, is served with honey or as a Navajo taco with all the taco makings on top. 

This sounded awful until it was described on TV that made it sound more tastful than biting into a hunk of butter. They mix the butter with cinnamon and brown sugar and using an ice cream scoop make a ball.  Freeze it and then dip it in funnel cake batter.  Fry it. The butter melts inside the dough so when it is bitten into it, the melted butter drips out.  It is probably pretty hot too so caution has to be taken not to burn the mouth.

DEEP FRIED PEPSI is just that Pepsi is mixed in the batter.

This was voted the #2 most popular food at the fair.  It is made with 2 sugar glazed donuts as the bun and then all the hamburger fixin's. It has over 2000 calories. 

Thanks to a very nice man who had just bought one and let me take the photo.  There was a line to buy them on the busy days.  

And we wonder why this country has a weight problem. Yikes!!!

EURO BUBBLES / Bobbles at Florida State Fair 2010

Never saw these before and the kids seemed to love them.  See link below for video!

They are huge inflatable balls with a zipper.  They are blown up for each person, they get inside and then tries to walk around in it in a shallow pool of water. 3 minutes = $7.00. 

There was always had an audience and it looked like everyone who tried it had alot of fun. The helpers were always in the pool to help the ones in the bubble get around because they always fell down after a step or two.

Guess I should have given them some of our rubber ducks to float around in the pool! 
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Added 9/27/10  Just found this video on YouTube -  Video EuroBubbles