Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wordless Wed. - Beautiful Cripple Creek Turquoise Pendants

These turquoise nuggets are from Bad Boy's Mine, Cripple Creek, CO. and hand wrapped with Sterling Silver.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cripple Creek, Colorado Turquoise

Cripple Creek, Colorado has been a gold mining town since the 1800's.  The town remains but there is new 'gold ' there now.  It is one of 3 towns in Colorado that is allowed to have gambling. 

It is located on the west side of Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains.
One of the existing mines also has a high quality, very old turquoise. The colors range from typical bright turquoise, teal, light blue, green and pea green, with lots of matrix.

This mine is owned by a couple who dig it by hand. 

After the material is removed it is tumbled in a large tumbler to remove loose dirt.

This nugget still has excess material on it and will be hand ground then polished before it can be worked into a piece of jewelry.

The grinder and polisher 

Bundling the sterling silver wire wrapping.
The shaping of the wrap and loop for the top.

The finished wrapped nugget.

We have been lucky enough to meet one of the jewelers who obtain their stones from the Bad Boys Turquoise Mine.  They process it by alittle more tumbling, grinding and polishing each gem by hand. 

Now we are proud to present their finished work and have some of their finest pieces listed on eBay. Just click the link to see these very attractive pendants and necklaces.   Shop for Turquoise Cripple Creek Jewelry

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sandia Peak Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico

At the east end of Tramway Blvd, in Albuquerque, NM in the foothills of the Sandia mountains is the worlds longest 2.7 mile, aerial Tramway. 
On the 'flight' to the top one tram car passes the other. 
The trip goes over ponderosa pine, juniper and pinon forests, deep canyons and breathtaking terrain. Occasionally wild life can be spotted in and among the rocks.
After a 10 minute ride the tram arrives at the observation deck and building at the top. A short walk down a board walk, is the High Finance restaurant.
Looking to the east is the top of the Sandia Peak Ski area. That view has to be at least 30 - 40 miles, if not further.

The best time to go on top is at sunset.  The mountain the sun is setting behind, is Mt. Taylor by Grants, NM and about 50 miles away.       

Once the sun sets, the lights in the valley start coming on and look like diamonds on velvet.  The silver strand is the Rio Grande River.  
A visit to the top of Sandia mountain either by driving to the top from Hwy 14 on the east side or taking the tram on the west side, is an absolute must for every visitor to Albuquerque. Absolutely breathtaking!!!
Sandia Peak tramway info

Friday, October 15, 2010

Now that it is Cool our Herbs and Spices are Relisted


The cool weather is upon us and our herbs and spices are relisted and will be safe to ship without alot of heat to harm them.

Now is the time to start collecting items to put in those holiday gift baskets.  How about a themed basket?  Here is a list of suggestions - Gift Basket suggestions

Don't forget:-
* Because of our concern for the environment  and excess waste, all our herbs and spices are packaged in small bags rather than glass or plastic bottles, so all those glass bottles can be recycled.
* All bags are heat-sealed in a smoke free & pet free kitchen.
* Typically the shelf life of herbs or spices is 1 year. It is recommended they be replaced annually to have the most flavor.

* Most cooks do not use large quantities so at these prices it is more economical to buy in smaller quantities & not have to throw away a lot of old, stale herbs that have lost their flavor and in some cases, color.
* Don't let our low prices fool you, it is not unusual for herbs and spices to be marked up several 1000's of percent in the grocery stores.  Our herbs and spices are all high quality. and since we buy in bulk and repackage into smaller packages and we can pass the savings on.
* Besides using these herbs and spices in your own kitchen they make perfect gifts for a friends, relatives, teachers or in  gift baskets. 

* We sell Culinary, Mexican/Alternative Herbs, Yerbas and Remedios. 

List of Herbs and Spices

Monday, October 11, 2010

How I take Photos for my eBay Listings

I am not a photographer but have had many compliments on my pictures, so I thought I would show how I set up to take a batch at a time. 

The round white spot is a SOLAR TUBE.  It is not a light.  It is sorta like a sky light but does not loose heat or allow heat gain into the house. We have a back porch just outside the kitchen window , so the kitchen was always very dark.  As long as it is light out, the solar tube provides enough light so we do not have to turn on the light every time we are in there during the day!

This back ground is what the kids use for science fair displays.  It fold flat of easy storage

The little white tabs on the back are Velcro strips.  I use black fabric draped over the cardboard, that also has Velcro.  With the Velcro there it prevents the fabric from sliding off and it is even each time I set it up.

The back with the fabric attached. Notice the lamp on the left.  I place that on the table behind the display so it shines down on the item.

The front with the fabric draped.  Once it is all set up I slide the table under the solar tube and turn on the kitchen light, and the floor lamp and wait for the right time of day when the most light is coming in the solar tube. 
I normally take 50 -100 photos at a time and rarely more than one of each position of the item. After the photos are taken, I upload them into Picassa (a free Google product) in a special folder and edit them as I need them.   
When I edit, I can crop, straighten, adjust the brightness and highlights, and sharpen the image in less than a minute. 

From Picassa they go to My Pictures (with titles of the items rather than some code) and live there until I am ready to list them and upload them to Vendio (IMO the best listing program)  for storage and watermarking. After they are in Vendio, they are then moved to a external hard drive to live for ever and ever!   

Sounds like alot of steps but it works for me and is very fast because it is done in an assembly line method. 

To see my photos, check out my eBay store  The scarfs pictures are take in a different room on the mannequin (thanks to the suggestion from Griff.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spanish to Engish Herbs / Yerbas Remedios Names

 We have been in the herb and spice business for over 13 years and have over 150 different Culinary (cooking), dried botanicals and Mexican healing herbs and spices in our inventory. This is just a list of translations and not a complete list of our entire inventory with some of the Herbs and Spices used by New Mexicans and other Hispanics.

As always please consult a doctor before using any alternative healing

 Alucema - Lavender =  Infections; sleep aid. Boil some in water ½ hour before kids bedtime. Will quiet them right down.
Albahacar - Basil = Digestion; good luck.
Anis - Anise Seed = Gas; digestion; cramps; stomach weakness.
Anis Estrella - Anise / Star =  For new born babies when they can't stop crying.
Axocopaque - Wintergreen
Azafran (Mexican Saffron) - Safflower =  Used in cooking to add reddish color, very little taste - Spanish rice
Barbas de Elote - Corn Silk = Lungs; circulation
Boldo Boldo Leaves =  - Liver; scars (face); cramps.
Canela - Cinnamon = Digestion; can be used as a tea after strong emotions
Cola de Caballo - Shave Grass / Horsetail = Lungs; menopause; diarrhea
Confrey - Comfrey –  Bones; muscular pain; arthritis.
Endeldo - Dill =  Internal pain
Epazote – Removes gas from gaseous foods. Add to pot of beans ½ hour before they are finished cooking. Good in gaseous veggies too. It is the same enzyme used in Bean-o!
Epazote de Comer - Mexican Tea =  Removes gas when cooked in food (lst 30 minutes); worms; parasites.
Estiafate - Mugwort = Stomach ache
Eucalipto - Eucalyptus =  asthma; cough
Gobernadora Chaparral = Clean the system; helps with urination.
Gordolobo - Mullein Flowers =Cough
Hinojo Fennel = Gas; indigestion; cramps
Hojasen - Senna = Liver; parasites
Jamaica - Hibiscus =  Lungs; stomach; fever. Great added to lemonade to make it pink and give it a kick. Especially yummy with lavender added in too.
Manrubio - Horehound = Cough; cold
Manzanilla - Chamomile =  Stomach; to start menstruation
MejoranaMarjoram = Circulation; gas.
Menta Peppermint = Aids digestion; stomach ache
Mostaza Amarilla - Mustard/Yellow
Nuez Moscada - Nutmeg =  Appetites
Pasiflora - Passion Flowers =  Best herb for sleep
Poleo PennyRoyal = Colds; stomach ache
Romero - Rosemary = Menopause; head ache; asthma; chronic colds
Rosa de CastillaRose Buds = Skin; baby cramps; help to relax. Luxurious as a pampering cup of tea.
Ruda - Rue = Head ache; ear
Salvia - Sage =  Menopause; digestion
Sauco - Elder Flowers = Skin conditions; lung infections
Siete Azahares - Seven Blossoms = Siete Azahares - Nerves; sleep aid
Tila - Linden Flowers = Nerves; cough; asthma
Yerba Buena - Spearmint = Stomach ache
Zarzaparrilla - Sarsaparilla = Veneral disease

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scarves and Scarf Clips / Holders

Scarves are becoming popular again as a fashion accessory.  One outfit can be changed dramatically with the addition of different scarves. Going from the office to dinner?  Try a solid during the day and a more playful one in the evening!

Or even make a statement with your scarf like the red one for Heart awareness day or month; pink ribbon ones for Breast Cancer Awareness and support; all the different holidays, singers / musicians love the musical ones, and on and on.

The scarf clips just slides up and snaps closed, so there is no bulky knot.  I think it depends on the outfit on whether it is tied or has a holder.

Our polyester satin striped scarves are soft like silk, machine washable and come out of the dryer looking better than new.

What is satin striped? The design is printed on cloth that is strips of smooth satin and a strip of see thru fabric.

I love to wear a scarf under the collar of a jacket or blouse or doubled up under a coat.  Wool makes me itch but these are just as toasty and not as bulky. 

See all 90+ scarf designs and 15+ clips / holders 

Proud member of Virtual Online Learning 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ken Buck; Peggy Littleton and Larry Liston

L - R Larry Liston; Peggy Littleton; Gene; Me; Ken Buck
First thing you need to know is that for political signs, we have a prime corner on a fairly busy street.  Since we have lived here we have allowed political signs, after we give permission.

This year it has been alittle different.  During the primary we TV watchers were subjected to continuous negative campaigns.  We really believe that a candidate should and must tout what they intend to do, not what the oppositions shortcomings are.  

I have been in retail for may years and am curious when advertising turned around and started mentioning the competition.  Why anyone would mention the opponents names is beyond me!
So during the primary we pulled signs for anyone doing negative campaigning.  Now for the general election - his sign reappeared so we pulled it again.  

Then out of the clear blue sky another sign appeared for another candidate who we have never met, or gave permission too.

So what else does one do but gripe on Facebook.  LOL.  
There was all sorts of responses and lo and behold the door bell rang tonight and there stood all 3 of them - Ken Buck for US Senate, Peggy Littleton running for County Commission and Larry Liston our State Rep. 

They were on a tight schedule but just had to stop by and clear the air.  To say we are impressed is a huge understatement.  For them to take the time to visit us and chat for even just a few minutes is humbling.  

Not only we will put up their signs again, we will also be putting one up for John Suthers- our Attorney General running for reelection.