Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Love eBay

eBay is so many things to so many people.  For us it is a way for us to keep busy, now that we are retired. There is so much to sell.  
Our eBay listings 
For many years we did craft shows and state fairs and found merchandise that folks really liked that we have continued selling on eBay.  

Over the years, like everyone else,  we have accumulated 'stuff' and for the most part, none of our children want any of it. So besides the new items, we are selling the other 'stuff' for 2 reasons 1 - so they won't have to and 2 - so we can enjoy the $$  LOL.   It also helps to  keep our bodies active and minds agile..

As an experienced seller, I am also an Education Specialist Trained by eBay. I love to talk about eBay all the time, enjoy meeting like-minded folks. Now I can really talk about the wonders of eBay all the time, help buyers and train folks face to face or on the phone, too. 

I am also helping to revive this Meetup group, here in Colorado Springs.
As this group grows our mission is to help sellers increase sales by learning and understanding all the ways to make the job easier, more fruitful and the roll social media plays in promoting our eBay listings.  It is also good to help buyers understand the process.  

I also have a group on Facebook - eBay Sellers Only.  Lots of conversation about the workings of eBay, we all help each other brainstorm situations and how to create a better listings and so much more.   

eBay on Location 2012 - Denver and Philly
Every year eBay holds these events in different cities. This May 2012 it will be in Denver CO and in Sept. in Philadelphia, PA.  

If you have free time and stuff to sell, consider eBay as an additional source of income  People from all walks of life are also making a living selling here too from 16 year olds to 80+ and everyone in-between working for just a few hours a week to full time +.  

Our business is a partnership.  I do all the computer work and Gene keeps and stores the inventory and does all the shipping.  Somedays we feel like the find of a lifetime is just waiting for us at the next yard sale or church sale, so we both go sourcing together, too.   

If I can answer any questions or help in any way I am always available through the comments section on this page and if you liked this blog, please like or leave a comment.  Thanks 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Kitchen Workspace & Small Appliances

As with most folks one of the most important rooms for me when buying this house was the kitchen.  This is my corner for food prep.  The stove is to the left, sink to the right and refrig straight behind me.

Starting at the stove - Utensils in stainless canisters; salt & pepper in little dishes; onions & shallots under shelf.
Rounding the corner - Measuring cups & spoons hanging; bottles of vegetable & olive oil; cup with smaller utensils.
Hand made cutting board with a plastic place mat to prevent slipping; small appliances behind it
L to R - All electric - Juicer with 2 sizes; Salad Shooter for grating cheese, making bread crumbs, grinding meat for croquettes etc.; Stick / immersion blender and electric water kettle.
Cutting board behind was my grandmothers - over 100 years old; mini food processor for nuts and a whole head of garlic; knife block.
Living behind the knife block is the box grater and the scraper to help with kneading yeast bread or moving chopped things from the cutting board.
And to the left of the sink and partly under the window are the canisters with the clear one storing browned flour for red chile and gravy.

I really like to cook and try new things.  With everything so handy in this work space daily chores become delightful.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Floating charms

We first bought these charms when we had a brick and mortar shop and we were doing large State fairs and gift shows.  Our direction had changed in the last 6 months and we will no longer have those outlets for these very cute and personal charms. 

The concept is that several can fit into a locket with glass on both sides that has a very strong magnetic closure.  Selections are made from a large variety of charms to make it very individualized.  

We are selling all the charms we have collected at a deeply reduced price.

The picture charms are enameled on silver or gold and all the letter have CZ's.

There are over 240 items in many designs, CZ hearts and letters. The list of what is available is in the listing along with many more photos.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

American Patriotic Holidays are Coming USA!

It is never too early to prepare for all the patriotic events we have during the year and especially an election year.  Memorial day - May 30; July 4th; Labor Day 1st Mon. in Sept.; and election day with all the events, rally's and parades leading up to all of them.

13" x 60 long, light weight scarf. Perfect for under the collar, in the hair or tied to a purse. 
Adorable 2" rubber duck
Empty glass vial for mementos, rice, jewels, ashes or ??
Small American flags on wooden sticks.  NEW

US Army  soldier Duck
Larger print American flag scarf.   

We are proud to help celebrate these American holidays.  Please check out our eBay store for hundreds more great items. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tucano's Brazilian Grill, Colorado Springs, CO

On Thursday April 5, 2012 Tucano's opened their 5th restaurant.  The others are in ID, 2 in UT and 1 in Albuquerque, NM.  A few days before there was a blurb on the morning news and I was excited to have a new and different restaurant that is not like the normal chain eaterys here. 

I didn't know what to expect when we entered but was pleasantly surprised.  The concept is a huge salad / pasta etc bar and meats / fish / veggies & pineapple served at the table, some carved from the spit it was roasted on.   

3 sided salad bar with the freshest, well stocked bowls.  Everything has elegant, printed labels which is some cases are very important identifying each goodie, like the Edamame salad!

Hard to see - sorry but the meat rods are on the bottom and the pineapple on the top right. 
Top sirloin hunks.  I had an outside piece and it was fantastic.  

Each place setting has a pair of tongs that helps the server remove the items from the skewers
Chicken hearts!!

There are probably about 12 different things served tableside including turkey wrapped in bacon, skirt steak, glazed ham, spicy chicken thighs, white fish with mango glaze (our favorite), brisket plus a few things we were not served.

The meal is sorta pricey for just a lunch - almost $14.00 per person so with ice tea and coffee and tip it was about $43.00.  For us that is alot for lunch for no special occasion.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ski Keystone, Colorado

At the top of the 1st ski lift, looking west.
For spring break we met my son and grandson at Keystone Ski area, just east of SIlverthorne and Dillon, CO.  It took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there from our house.  The views when we got to the other side of the continental divide never stopped. 

The Rockies!  Most snow was melted but there was still some piled along the road.
Lots of twists and turns on those mountain roads.
View from our 3rd floor Quality In room looking SW.
2 gondolas passing each other over the road
On the way to the ski area, passing Dillon Reservoir
Snow fort at the top of the top.
Only 3 of the many, many trails.

We took another gondola up to another level. Elevation is over 11,000 feet above sea level
We were waiting for the boys to finish a run and these people were next to us.  It was her birthday and they buried the champagne in the snow to have it with lunch. What a neat idea.
We ate at the Summit House.  This lunch cost $49.00.  $8.50 for each slice and $4.80 for each soda.
Across the way to the SW is Breckenridge.  I counted over 30 trails. 
View from the gondola on the way down.
I said to Sean that looks like a paint brush smeared the snow and he said no it was the results of 2 avalanches. 
And the precious boy in all his gear after a full day of clear mountain air, snow, family & skiing!!!!