Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas June 16, 2013

We have so many nice things for Father's, Grandfathers, Uncles, Godfathers or any other man in your life.

Vintage from the 1970's. Choose from a large selection of beer mugs and steins.

When we ran out of things to give our Dad we gave him things like this mug.  He was always amused and cherished them.

Snoopy & golfing go together. Lots of ties including baseball, Tabasco Sauce, Looney Tunes & many more.

Wood inlay with Brass & Lapis Belt Buckle

Men's jewelry perfect for the gentleman who likes to dress and look the part.
Army or Marine adjustable wind spinners guaranteed for life.
 We enjoy our eBay business and offering these wonderful treasures to be loved and appreciated by new folks.  Please visit our store to see all our merchandise with something for everyone. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Big Texan Steak House, Amarillo TX Tourist Attraction too

We have visited this restaurant several times and each time it is more amusing.  There is more to it than the food (which is delicious by the way!) They will send a free limo to pick customers at from the local hotels.  The driver is a big, tall good looking cowboy and the car had a set of long horns on the hood.  Just a riot!
Just like everything in Texas, this chair is huge.  (See the statue behind the chair to really appreciate how big it really is.)
The founder - R.J. "Bob" Lee
They sell these old time photos in the gift shop.  When you walk to the side you see the ugly side of that person!!

They even had one where the head turned into skeleton skull.
The room is covered and surrounded with stuffed animal heads, horns etc.
Notice the long horns under the deer and elk head. I blurred those folks out because I did not have permission to publish them on the internet!!
 Next time we go thru Amarillo we will stop at this novelty restaurant again, and definitely get the limo to bring us there. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Original Donut Shop, San Antonio, Texas

 A San Antonio icon, our family recommended this restaurant to us for the best tacos in the city.  The donuts are not shabby either. ;) Totally unassuming and it does not have to be fancy to be enjoyed. 
Jefferson/Deco District 3307 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201 - where Vance Jackson ends on the south end.
A taco in this part of Texas is a soft flour tortilla with a filling. Breakfast taco with egg, bacon & potato. My anglo mouth was afraid the sauce may be too spicy, but I dribbled on a few drops and it was delicious.
Gene loves hot, spicy food and the breakfast taco with chorizo, egg & potato was just what he wanted.

The line in the morning for both drive ups goes out toward the road and along the shoulder lane. Clever to have the 2 drive thru lanes!
Thought this was funny, no wait - really - no guns?  Guess this part of San Antonio is still part of the old west.   

Before we headed for home, we went back for donuts about 11 AM and the selection was vastly reduced. So this is one of those places where you better get their early for the best choices.  

For local food this is definitely someplace not a place to pass up. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to reHeat Leftovers without a Microwave

I am an old fashioned cook and never really did learn to rely on a microwave except for melting butter.  We use stackable bamboo steamers.  The first time we were so amazed. The mashed potatoes came out fluffy and moist, the gravy - perfect.  Many times we will make like a TV dinner plate for each person and steam the whole plate.  Other times we will do just each thing separately. 

Thanksgiving leftovers
Our Corningware dishes have shallow soup bowls that we use for each person.
Each dish goes in one steamer and can be stacked pretty high.

The steamer is sitting in a Cuisinart Wok but any wide pot / pan will work, just be sure keep an eye on water level.

I just shared this idea on my Facebook Group - What's For Supper. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rate Sheet for eBay Sellers May 1, 2013

Subscription Rates (Subscriptions auto‑renew)
Free Listings
Insertion Fees (After your free listings per month;
Final Value Fees (Maximum fee $250, with percentages based on the t
Top Rated Plus listings get a 20% discount on item's final sale price*
Per month, with yearly subscription
No insertion fees
(Auction-style or fixed price)
(Per listing)
Fixed price ‡
(Per listing)
Up to 50 FREE listings per month
(Exclusions apply)
Up to 150 FREE listings per month
(Exclusions apply)
Computers/ Tablets & Networking,
Video Game Consoles
Consumer Electronics,
Cameras & Photos
Musical Instruments & Gear,
Coins & Paper Money
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories,
Home & Garden,
Camera & Photo Accessories,
Cell Phone Accessories,
Business & Industrial,
All Other Categories
Some category exclusions apply.
Up to 500 FREE listings per month
(Exclusions apply)
Up to 2,500 FREE listings per month
(Exclusions apply)
‡ If you list in Books, DVDs & Movies, or Music & Video Games, the insertion fee is only 5¢ for fixed price listings.
Exclusions and other terms: Pay no insertion fees for the first allotted free listings per calendar month. Optional fees (including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees) and final value fees still apply. Motors Vehicles, Real Estate, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment, and Commercial Printing Presses are excluded. You're charged one insertion fee per listing, per category, regardless of the quantity of items, for any duration including Good 'Til Cancelled. For Good 'Til Cancelled listings, insertion fees and advanced listing upgrade fees are charged every 30-day period. Terms are subject to change. Learn more about fee schedules for categories, listing formats, and Stores subscribers.
* eBay listings that qualify for Top Rated Plus will receive a 20% final value fee discount on the item's final sale price (not including shipping).