Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Newest Creation - Louise's STRING SCARVES / Scarf

At a craft show I saw a scarf that gave me the idea to make these scarves because I have tons of all kinds of yarn.  They are just multiple strands of all different kinds of specialty yarns, knotted in the middle and on both ends.  They sold like crazy at the last show. It is important to use at least 5 different yarns, threads etc. Many different ones can be seen in our eBay Store.
Blues, with fun fur
Greens with fun fur

Pinks and lavender with dusty pink fun fur

Tan, grays and fun fur

Red, Purple and pink with fun fur and red & purple eyelash yarn

Blues, white and browns with fun fur

Tan with bright green, yellow and orange fun fur.

And of course being the eBayer I am, here is a link to those currently listed. Some of the ones photoed may not be available, but I will do custom including team colors.  Special pricing for 5 or more. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Reduced Prices for the "12 Days 'Til Cyber Monday" Sale

 Happy Holidays to you and yours. 
We are thinking about our own holiday shopping and ways to save money.  I suspect you are thinking much the same thing.
As a result of these thoughts, starting on Thursday 11/18 we  have marked down some of our product lines in the Fixed Price Format.  Each sale will last just 24 hours, so check back each day for bargains, from Midnight to 11:59 PM.

Here is a clickable link to each line that will be marked down on that day -
Thurs 11/18 =  Christmas Sale Items
Friday 11/19 = Shoelace Sale Items
Tues. 11/23 = Cookbook Sale Items
Sat.  11/27 = Scarf Sale Items

Thanks for browsing and we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.  

Friday, November 5, 2010


 In Jan, 1999, we were first introduced to these oils. In the last 12 years we never cease to be amazed at their value. 

So here is just a little info on a few of our favorite oils.  Keep in mind that it is important to consult a physician when any alternative therapy is considered. 

Gene volunteered to apply 2 drops to the bottom of my feet every night with 3 different oils . The feet absorb the oils faster than only other part of the body but because he has the oils on his hands, he benefits from them as well.

Thieves Oil Blend - Formulated from the herbs the grave robbers anointed themselves with before they robbed graves in medieval Europe.   I have not had a bad cold or the flu for as long as we have been doing this - over 8 years. Young Living has created a whole line of cleansers and sprays using the thieves. Various Thieves Products

Valor  - Also called Chiropractor in a bottle. "It has been found to help the body self-correct its balance and alignment giving relief of pain."  Valor

Peace and Calming - "Promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits"  It also helps curtail snoring, so Gene puts that on on me too so he can sleep better. Peace and Calming

Other oils we like - All the citrus.- Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Orange.  We dip the end of a toothpick in the oil and then swirl it in a gallon of water.  It  flavors the water and adds Vitamin C to the water.  

I wondered at the beginning how that is possible and was told this example.  If we were to do the same with the oregano oil and swirled that 1 end of the toothpick in tomato sauce the end result would be like adding 1 pound of oregano.  Amazing.  So just a drop or two can flavor alot of liquid. 

Some of the oils are so pure they can be put under the tongue or in gel caps and take internally. 

There are many single oils plus alot of blends.  There are hundreds of testimonials on all the miraculous things these oils do. They truly are amazing.  Once you try one, you will be convinced and will want to try them on so many ailments.

We are distributors and can get the oils for you at the special customer prices. And if you are interested in selling them yourself we can add you to our downline and as you build your network, can earn a commission each month.    Our distributor number is 215438.

Oils we currently have for sale

YLEO Web Site

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is Gratitude Month - 2010

Our Home
 With that in mind I will be adding something I am grateful for on each day of November. 

When we focus on the good, good things will come to us. That is better known as a self fulfilling prophecy.

Nov. 1 - My good health, no pills, no issues.
Nov. 2 -  Gene! He truly is the wind beneath my wings.  
Nov. 3 - I am so grateful for our 6 Children. Each one is so special and have strengths that make us so proud.

Nov. 4 - I am grateful for our God who is loving and bestows riches on us each day of our lives.  The least we can do is to just say thank you!!

Nov. 5 -  I am grateful for being a distributor of Young Living Essential Oil.  4 drops a day of the Thieves blend, on either our hands or feet,  have keep us flu and bad cold - free for over 8 years.

Nov. 6 - I am grateful to my Father for giving me the ambition, dedication and commitment to be self employed, most of my adult life. 

Nov. 7 - I am so grateful to the folks at Smoky Hill HS, Aurora CO for a fantastic craft show yesterday.  At times there were 3 rows deep of people wanting to order a rice necklaces. Awesome. Thank You!    

Nov. 8 - My gratitude today is for our Realtor who found us this perfect house 5+ years ago.  Even has an elevator chair for when and if we ever need it!!
Nov. 9 - I am grateful for our childrens spouses and SO's, that bring them much happiness and love. 

Nov.10 - I am grateful for our "goin' out to lunch & dinner" friends.

Nov. 11 - Today "Veteran's Day" I am grateful for our active military men and women, all our Veteran's and their families and friends. 

Nov. 12 - I am so thankful for having the friendship of so many wonderful eBay sellers.

Nov. 13 - Thinking of my 1st husband today (RIP) and NOW I am grateful he moved us from Long Island, NY to Las Cruces, NM in 1966.  Wasn't crazy the idea back then, but it is one of my life changing events.

Nov. 14 - I am so grateful for the day we met Danna & Jimmy Crawford (Powersellingmom.com). Having her family (as friends) and Danna (as a mentor / sounding board for some of my unique eBay ideas) is very precious to both of us. 

Nov. 15 - Today I have to be so grateful to the very nice HP Tech in India who solved my printer problems after I struggled for 6 hours trying to get it fixed on my own.
Nov. 16 - I am grateful for Virtual Online Leaning and being the 1st assistant organizer. I am especially grateful that the webinars, classes, chats etc. are done in an hour or so, which demonstrates Danna's consideration of our busy days.  

Nov. 17 - I am very thankful to have found Vendio (my listing & customer management service), over 11 years ago.  Sure makes my job easier.  Vendio Home Page 
Nov. 18 - I am grateful to be living in Colorado - great climate and we get to look at the mountain that inspired America the Beautiful everyday.  If it is cold, I'll put on a sweater; if it is hot - it will cool off in a few hours; the humidity is below 25% most of the time and if it snows it is usually gone by us in 24 hours. 

Nov. 19 - I am grateful to be able to be an active part of Sebastian's (grandson) life.

Nov. 20 - I am grateful for ALL my Facebook and online friends.  Thank You. 

 Nov. 21 - Very thankful for all the help my son and grandson gave us at the last few craft shows.

Nov. 22 - I am grateful to "THE SECRET" (how many years ago now?) and the LOA folks here on Facebook for reminding me that positive thinking, in all things, will be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

 Nov. 23 - I am thankful for eBay's GRIFF for all the help he gives us sellers and the info he shares on his Radio show.   Us at YABIE'S Kansas Jubilee Oct. 2008 where he suggested we use a mannequin to show off our listed scarves. 

Nov. 24 - I am grateful to Virtual Online Learning webinars on how blog and how to promote the blog on Entrecard. Thanks Danna.

Nov. 25 -  On this Thanksgiving Day I give thanks for our healthy, happy lives, family, friends and home.