Friday, January 21, 2011

We are selling our 34' 1998 Fleetwood BOUNDER

Rosie has served us well the last 2 years. 1998 is the last year they used real wood.  Well cared for, looks great, runs fantastic. 34 foot RV with largest Ford engine. 2 zone air conditioners, less than 225 hours on generator; 100 gallon fresh water tank, storage underneath on both sides; 6 gal. hot water heater.

With the blue & white striped awning out. All small windows have an awning too.

The slide-out. Inside is the 'living room & dining area"

Kitchen - double sink, separate spout for filtered water; 3 burner stove with cover; full oven, microwave

Fan & light over stove; refrig & freezer / dual controls propane or electric.

Dining area- storage under both benches, table slides down to make a bed; lots of lights and electric outlets.

Queen sized sleeper sofa; all but 2 windows have mini blinds
Corner cabinet with mirror outside bedroom and bathroom.  Off set hall. Full bathroom with tub and shower
Queen sized bed that lifts easily for underneath storage; huge closet with lights, 2 night tables with 4 drawers and closets for more hangers over them. Plus stack of 6 drawers with TV and radio/stereo speakers

TV over dashboard with rear view camera.

For more details and price please email -

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How To Shop Economically on eBay

Sometimes we do something routinely and don't really pay attention to how we do it.  I was shopping the other day on eBay and realized that there are certain patterns I follow.

First thing I do is to change the search from the default best match to Price + Shipping - Lowest first.  By doing this I am also able to see the items with free shipping and move the listings that might have low prices but high shipping to the bottom of the list.

One caveat is that the 1 cent listings will show up at the top of the list.  I am very cautious of these because most of the time they will be sent from a country with no labor or human rights laws.  So be sure to evaluate each item and all the details about the seller. 

Typically I will customize the search from options on the left side of the page. As in our daily life I like to support a Mom & Pop business and really shy away from those sellers that have 10,000+ feedback.  

Colorado Springs is a city of chain restaurants and we try to support the small local establishments. I equate the chains to the big drop ship sellers that may ship from outside US. 
I don't want to wait 10 - 20 days for a delivery, so I control my search using the appropriate option. 

I hope you will support our Mom & Pop business and visit our eBay store where you can rest assured we have all the merchandise in stock and do all the shipping ourselves, usually within hours of us recieving the payment.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Protect Your Family with Young Living Essential Oils
First Aid -
Complied by Kelli Nelson

Aches & Pains 
Bones & Joints: Wintergreen, Copaiba, Helichrysum.
Headaches::Lavender; Peppermint; Wintergreen; Roman or German Chamomile; PanAway; Spearmint; Valerian; Clove; Rosemary; Eucalyptus Globulus; M-Grain; Clarity; Brain Power; Relieve It. 
Muscles: Marjoram; AromaSeiz; PanAway; Deep Relief.
Sore Feet: Peppermint; White Fir: Lavender; Patchouli; Myrrh; Frankincense; Sandalwood; Vetiver; Melrose; PanAway; Relieve It. 
Tendons & Joints: Lemongrass; Copaiba; Helichrysum; PanAway.

Allergies / Rashes
Lavender; Tender Tush; German Chamomile; Myrrh; Geranium; Rosewood; Cictus; Blue Cypress; Polyzyme.
Poison Ivy / Oak: Peppermint; Wintergreen; Melrose; PanAway.

Bacteria & Virus - (Colds; Flu; Food Poisoning, etc.) 
Anti-Bacterial: Thieves; Oregano; Thyme; NingXia Red.
Anti-Viral: Thieves; Thyme; Oregano; Basil; NingXia Red.
Fever: Peppermint; Wintergreen; Copaiba.
Colds: Ravensara; Blue Cypress; Raven; Thieves; InnerDefense; ImmuPro; NingXia Red. 
Flu: Ravensara; ImmuPro; Inner Defense; ImmuPower; Exodus II; Di-Gize; Essenialzyme; Polyzyme; Longevity; Thieves; NingXia Red. 
Food Poisoning: Thieves; Polyzyme; Cumin; Inner Defense; Di-Gize; Cloves; Ginger; Oregano; Thyme.

Bites; Stings; Repellents
Bites & Stings: Purification; Lemon; Thieves; Melrose; Eucalyptus Globulus; Lavender; Peppermint; Melaleuca Alternifolia; Thieves Antiseptic Spray.
Repellents: Purification; Thieves; Thyme; Eucalyptus Radiata; Peppermint; Lemon; Lemongrass; Melaleuca Alternifolia; Geranium; Idaho Tansy; Spearmint; Melrose

Lavender; LavaDerm Cooling Mist; Tender Tush Ointment; Idaho Balsam Fir; Blue Cypress; Helichrysum; Rose Ointment. 

Cuts; Blisters; Bruises 
Cuts & Scrapes: PanAway; Purification; Thieves Antiseptic Spray: Lavender; Peppermint; Copaiba; Melrose; Helichrysum; Animal Scents Ointment; Rose Ointment; Tender Tush Ointment.
Bruises: Lavender; Copaiba; Helichrysum; PanAway; Geranium; Cypress; White Fir; Roman Chamomile. 
Blisters: Melrose; Melaleuca Alternifolia; Roman or German Chamomile; Lavender. 

YLEO Associate # 215438 - Ask about income opportunities.

 Disclaimer - This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury.  Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances such as essential oils for serious health conditions that require professional attention.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SOLAR TUBE Skylight GREEN - Saves Electric

This is a solar tube we had installed in our kitchen because it was so dark.  There is a back porch with a roof that shades the window and we found ourselves turning on the light in the middle of the day -  total waste of electricity and money.

The round solar tube in the ceiling.

 It is a tube lined with bright, shiny aluminum and goes up to the roof on an angle.  There is no heat loss and no heat gain.
It is so bright it took us a few months to not reach for the light switch when we left the room.  LOL
It is hard to get a good photo with the sun coming in so bright.  It took them just a few hours to install.
Our neighbors roof with several solar tube domes on top.  They come in different sizes too.
These skylights are a fantastic alternative to the old fashioned skylights with the plastic covers that yellow and crack, leak and get dirty.

We have never had to clean ours at all and if we do, the panel just turns off inside the house.  They are perfect for any area, room or closet that is dark during the day.  As the old saying goes - try it; you'll like it.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The WOVEL for GREEN Snow Removal -The Safest Snow Shovel

A friend recommended this to us a few years ago.  Gene has a bad lower back.  All 5 discs are herniated and gives him pain most of the time  

This shovel is just amazing.  It was Time magazine's invention of the Year 2006! There is no bending and very little lifting.  No electric or gasoline.  All Manual!!  Their website has a video!!

The idea is to push the scoop and then twist the WOVEL to toss the snow in either direction.  

This is very light weight but sturdy, heavy duty plastic and stores flat. No electricity and no gas or oil.  Totally green for those who want to preserve the planet.

So when we need to get to the mailbox to send out our eBay packages, the sidewalk gets done pretty fast, with no stress on our backs.   

We are not selling these or involved with them in any way - just love the product and wanted to share the info.