Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holiday Scarves for Gift Giving

These scarves are 13" x 60" long, made of satin strip Polyester in Korea. We purchase directly from the importer in  the garment district in New York City.  They are all listed in eBay.  We offer combined shipping and will send a free one with the purchase of 5 scarves. Our eBay scarf listings

Fall leaves Greens and Gold
Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Natives at table with Turkey

Snowmen on a green background. We have many different Christmas and holiday scarves.
Valentine hearts
Irish St. Patrick's (Patty's) Day.  Also with the black background
Easter Baskets

And for all those Patriotic Holidays we have 3 different USA flag scarves.

These are great gifts individually or as a collection for a teacher, day care worker, a senior or a senior care giver or for anyone else who likes to celebrate the holidays and make others smile.  

Check out our scarf clips that compliment these scarves too. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Power of the Wind - Door County, WI 9/29/11

After Chicago we drove up to Door County, Wisconsin.  We went on a tour on 10/1 and the tour guide told us that on the previous Friday a front was gong through and there were some strong winds.  (See our blog on the wind in Chicago and Lake Michigan).

Over 1000 trees were knocked down and many, many more branches.  The orchard where we took the tour from have many cherry trees topples over.

He told us that many roads had been impassable and there were electric companies from around the area there to help restore electric,.  One resort lost there water storage tank, so there was no water for the guests.  Alot of the hotels in Sturgeon Bay were sold out because many of the tent campers were forced indoors.  

Here are just a few photos of what we saw but there was alot!
It was so sad to see big, old Maple trees broken off and laying on their sides, uprooted or with huge branches broken off
A beautiful Juniper bush tree still standing ....

... but his partner was not as lucky.  These are in the parking lot at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, Sister Bay, WI
Looks like it was just pushed over   I find the grass interesting - how it looks like a blanket over the root ball. 

The tour guide took us thru a golf course and on the way out he stopped and started to say look at the trees over there, with their leaves turning color.  He stammered and said they were there last  Thursday and now on Sunday 4 huge old trees were completely gone.  There was only 1 pile of cut logs stacked in the middle of the green area he was pointing too.  He was so shocked and we were all sad too!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Colors & Snow Colorado Springs CO 10/25 & 10/26/11

Snow storms in late Oct are not uncommon in Colorado.  We live at 6500 feet above sea level but are not in the mountains.

Pikes Peak is less than 30 miles west of us and protects us from real bad storms.  The western slope is where all the ski areas are.
Brussel Sprout plants

They are close to the fence.  There is no wind so the snow is just staying on the wires of the deer protection fence.

Maple Tree.  We are worried about the weight of the wet snow on the tree that still has leaves.  We lost several branches during a similar storm in 2008.

1 of 2 of our 70' Colorado Blue Spruce trees in the front yard.  Yellow framing it is another maple tree.
Pretty huh!?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, Sister Bay, Door County, WI

My daughter and I visited Door County many years ago and I wanted to be sure to visit this restaurant - known the world over for the goats on the grass roof.  The day we were there there were 3 goats up there.

I guess there is plenty of grass up there - this guy is pretty chubby.  LOL

There are 2 in this photo!

Bread plate.  The slice in front was a thin version of zwieback with cinnamon and sugar, assorted breads and flat breads and a dish of lingonberries.
My lunch - Pickled beets, cottage cheese, assorted cheeses, tomatoes and best of all pickled herring. There was so much herring we saved it in our cooler and had it for lunch the next 2 days. 
Gene's lunch - Eggs, Swedish meatballs and Swedish Pancakes. 

 Fantastic food, great decor and a view of Green Bay out the front window.  It was so nice being there in the off season, but not cold yet!!! Life was good and we really recommend this restaurant.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trolley Tour, Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin

We started at the Orchard Country Winery and Cider Mill

It was so windy 2 days before we got there and with the weight of all the grapes, the fence broke.

The vines were loaded, I have to admit, I just could not resist the temptation to take one. It was so sweet and juicy. 
I wasn't the only one who thought the grapes were tasty.

Just an art gallery who allow people to acknowledge their visit.  When it is all covered, they paint over it and start all over again. 

And the shoreline.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chicago High WInds 9/29 Water Jumping Sea Wall

On September 29, 2011 even in Chicago, the Windy City,  the winds were really high. And so were the waves on Lake Michigan. It was an overcast day so the photos tend to be foggy looking.

The Lake is about 10 feet below the ground we were standing on at the golf course in Lincoln Park.
This wave is only about 6 feet above us but others were alot higher.  Giving the 10 feet down those waves were 16' plus. 

It was fascinating watching them.  They started on the north end and rolled all the way down the wall to the south. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Insteresting Sights along I - 80 from CO to IL

Painted Silos - so much better than those towers of just concrete.
Sculptures over the highway.  They were on both sides of the overpass.

Always have to grin when I see these convenience stores. - what a stupid name.

Our GPS as we were approaching the Mississippi River at the border of Iowa and Illinois.

"The" River - we stayed overnight in Davenport and went to the Isle of Capri Casino for "Supper!"  Hee hee. Interesting machines but no winners!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wed. - Fall Leaves Door County, WI 2011

We drove thru Door County WI,  just north of Green Bay, the 1st weekend of October, 2011.  The leaves were just starting to turn.

Notice Snowmobile Crossing Sign - too cute!!