Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wow we made position # 1 on EntreCard/Travel 5/29/11

EntreCard is a way to promote a blog and eBay listings.  If you look on the right side of this page, you see a box with a photo and it says 'drop'.  For members of EntreCard you visit others sites, drop and hopefully they will drop back on you.  The more you drop the better.  We are averaging 220 -225 drops a day.

Gene has only wanted to play CLUB POGO on the computer and a little while ago he offered to help me drop,  So every night he does 100 or so and I finish the next day.  What a sweetheart he is to help me like that!!

There are over 1200 blogs in the travel category and I am so over exited we made it to #1 for however long. Just knowing it is possible is so rewarding.

The advantage of all the drops is that it tells Google we are a viable blog and that a lot  of people visit it and thereby moving it up in the rankings. 

We learned how do to EntreCard from Danna Crawford in a webinar for members at Virtual Online Learning.

If you join EntreCard (it is free) let me know and we will drop on you too!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Icebergs off Newfoundland, Canada

A friend sent me these photos on May 18, 2008.  I just came across them and was awe struck again, just like I was the 1st time I saw them.  Imagine seeing those huge blocks of ice, just gently floating by in the wild North Atlantic Ocean? 

Notice a 2nd one way out in the distance! And so close to the shore.

 Thanks to my friend Marjorie for sending me these photos.  I have yet to see a glacier or iceberg.  Note to self - add to bucket list!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is this used for?

We want to list this on eBay but am wondering if it a tea pot shaped sugar bowl or ? It is a souvenir from Dibgy NS (Nova Scotia) - Canada.  There is a design of a Clipper Ship (Tall Sails) on the side. Bottom says England!

My grandmother always kept a little pot with mustard that she mixed from dry mustard. But since this is in the shape of a tea pot I am thinking it is from back in the day when artificial sweetener was served at the table without the little paper packets. 


This has a small plastic liner and spoon. 

Only 2" tall & 3 1/4" from spout to handle

With the help of Lynn Dralle and the members of her Queen's Court, we are calling it a sugar bowl.  Here is the listing 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our 70 Foot Colorado Spruce Tree Got a Make Over

Our house guarded by 2 70' Colorado Spruce trees.  They are about 50 years old and have been trimmed every 5 years or so when they were younger According to the aborist (who we consulted with a few weeks ago) - they are the prettiest trees in all of Colorado Springs. 

The last few years we have noticed the top of the south tree was starting to separate. 
 When we looked close we could see that there were 2 trunks - called co dominant trunks.
 I called Tall Timbers Tree Co. here in Colorado Springs for a consult.  He said that the best thing to do is to cable the two trunks, pull the cable tight which will bring them together.  He also said that with the winds we had this winter, we were lucky one half didn't blow/fall off. (That is Pikes Peak in the background!)

They brought the bucket truck and he got out of the bucket and climbed around the branches to get the cable around the two trunks, pretty close to the top of the tree.
And now our beautiful tree after it's make over. The top is all closed and looking grand again!!