Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 5 Sun. 2/8/09 RV Travels

Another wind turbine farm near Oklahoma City, OK They are so huge - compare it to the light pole in front.
Oklahoma City Skyline

We saw alot of fields and grassy areas along the way that had been burned, either from cigarettes or hot cars parked on the high grass. So we thought this was one of them and hoped it wasn't across the road we were about to travel.

Poor people - it was a mobile home.
As we approached Oklahoma City we saw another wind turbine farm. Just like the song says - "when the wind comes sweeping down the plain" and now they can harness all that energy. I bet there are some who do not like the look of the big windmills in their scenery - but it is useful and to us tolerable.
Before we left for the day we did our daily check of the weather on a few different routes. It seemed the wind threat was gone and the only thing we needed to worry about was possible rain / thunderstorms. MapQuest gave us the quickest way to Lakeland, Fl, so that is the route we are following. We also programmed our new Garmin GPS/ Nuvi. It does the directions just fine, but it doesn't talk to us - need to figure that out yet. There are speakers on the unit but some directions say use the car radio. Confusing.
That route took us into Arkansas and once we were past Little Rock, we found another WalMart. This one was alittle scary in that we were the only ones there and the store closed at 10PM. All their gardening stuff was outside so we figured there would be security & /or police coverage all night. Turns out my fears were unfounded - all was fine and we had another great nights sleep. And best of all there was a mailbox so we were able to mail our eBay packages.
Traveling in the RV is quite a bit different than in a car. Comfort for one thing. Gene was feeling weary in the afternoon and we knew we had to travel at least 400 miles a day so we can be in Florida by Wed. We pulled over in a rest area, he took a 15 minute nap while I made him some coffee.
The freezer and refrig are working great so lunch is easy and getting a cold drink is just steps away. Supper was sloppy goes over fresh mashed potatoes.
Miles traveled - 429
still lousy gas mileage
$$ spent in a restaurant for lunch & supper = $00000000000

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Johnny said...

Good Morning you two, I do not know if you are even getting any of these comments. We have tried to follow you along but it is most confusing. As far as your Garmin, we had the same trouble. We found out that the mute button was on. So try to find the mute button and see if it is turned on. Hope to see you guys soon.
Johnny & Connie