Saturday, July 18, 2009

AirBoat Ride Cypress Lake, FL 3/09

When we visited Orlando there were coupon books and activity guides at every gas station, rest area, restaurant etc.

In them there were several ads for an airboat rides. We chose the one that said it was totally primitive and would not pass any housing areas. Cypress Lake is about 45 minutes SW of Orlando and was very easy to find.

There was only one other lady on the trip with us. Each seat came equipped with earphones because the engine is so loud. When our captain wanted to tell us something he shut down the motor.

The trip started immediately when we left the dock and went through some marsh and tall grasses. It was absolutely fantastic and we were only on it for less than 5 minutes and saw this alligator.

And it got even better. Next he went looking for alligators. By the time the ride was over we had seen 35 alligators with 5 of them swimming together in the lake.

We followed a river into a cypress grove. Some of the trees there are over 100 years old.
Years ago they would harvest the cypress knees for the tourist trade but it was discovered that they were part of the root system so it is unlawful to cut them anymore

There were lots of birds - some of the ducks had hundreds in one flock. The captain had fun driving into them so we could watch them walk on the water before they took flight.

The other flock is Ibis.

The trip was an hour long, but when we were done, I told the captain it was really only 10 minutes. He said he hears that alot. We arrived back alittle wind blown, but totally happy.

Since we have been together we have seen and done a lot, but for me this tops the list of all my favorite things to do. It is Gene’s 2nd – seeing the Statue of Liberty for the 1st time is his #1!


kdmoretti said...

These are Totally awesome rides aren`t they ? Donald and I were in FL in 2001 and went to Boggy Creek Air Rides. LOVED IT !

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Yes Kathy. We wiil be doing it again when we go back in Feb.

papel1 said...

Now that looks like a fun trip.