Thursday, October 29, 2009

Herbs & Spices Names in English to Spanish + Uses/ Yerbas

We have been in the herb and spice business for over 13 years and have over 150 different Culinary (cooking), dried botanicals and Mexican healing herbs and spices in our inventory. This is just a list of translations and not a complete list of our entire inventory with some of the Herbs and Spices used by New Mexicans and other Hispanics.

As always please consult a doctor before using any alternative healing

Anise Seed = Anis - Gas; digestion; cramps; stomach weakness.
Anise / Star = Anis Estrella - For new born babies when they can't stop crying.
Basil = Albahacar - Digestion; good luck.
Boldo Leaves = Boldo - Liver; scars (face); cramps.
Chamomile = Manzanilla - Stomach; to start menstration
Chaparral = Gobernadora - Clean the system; helps with urination
Cinnamon = Canela - Digestion; can be used as a tea after strong emotions
Comfrey – Confrey - Bones; muscular pain; arthritis.
Corn Silk = Barbas de Elote - Lungs; circulation
Dill = Endeldo - Internal pain
Elder Flowers = Sauco - Skin conditions; lung infections
Epazote – Removes gas from gaseous foods. Add to pot of beans ½ hour before they are finished cooking. Good in gaseous veggies too. It is the same enzyme used in Bean-o!
Eucalyptus = Eucalipto - asthma; cough
Fennel = Hinojo - Gas; indigestion; cramps
Hibiscus = Jamaica - Lungs; stomach; fever. Great added to lemonade to make it pink and give it a kick. Especially yummy with lavender added in too.
Horehound = Manrubio - Cough; cold
Lavender = Alucema - Infections; sleep aid. Boil some in water ½ hour before kids bedtime. Will quiet them right down.
Linden Flowers = Tila - Nerves; cough; asthma
Mexican Tea = Epazote de Comer - Removes gas when cooked in food (last 30 minutes); worms; parasites
Mugwort = Estiafate - Stomach ache
Mullein Flowers = Gordolobo - Cough
Marjoram = Mejorana - Circulation; gas.
Mustard/Yellow = Mostaza Amarilla -
Nutmeg = Nuez Moscada - Appetites
Passion Flowers = Pasiflora - Best herb for sleep
PennyRoyal = Poleo - Colds; stomach ache
Peppermint = Menta - Aids digestion; stomach ache
Rose Buds = Rosa de Castilla - Skin; baby cramps; help to relax. Luxurious as a pampering cup of tea.
Rosemary = Romero - Menopause; head ache; asthma; chronic colds
Rue = Ruda - Head ache; ear
Safflower = Azafran (Mexican Saffron) - Used in cooking to add reddish color, very little taste - Spanish rice
Sage = Salvia - Menopause; digestion
Sarsaparilla = Zarzaparrilla - Veneral disease
Senna = Hojasen - Liver; parasites
Seven Blossoms = Siete Azahares - Nerves; sleep aid
Shave Grass / Horsetail = Cola de Caballo - Lungs; menopause; diahrea
Spearmint = Yerba Buena - Stomach ache
Wintergreen = Axocopaque


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Iv'e been searching for the translation on DAMIANA and TRONADORA can anyone help please?

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Here you go. Damiana is Damiana and Tronadora is Trumpet Flower Here is a link for more info -