Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wow, it took a lot but we finally got gone on Wed. 1/13. After a lot of help from my son, Sean, the car got up on the trailer but it was too late on Tues. to leave so the plan was to head out early on Wed. That turned into 12 Noonish after another few delays.
Driving out of Colorado there were these snowdrifts that looked like waves frozen in time (which they really are– LOL). I kinda liked the colors; a lot of them were pinkish.
It is not often there is a town with the same name as an acquaintance so I took this photo for Suzie.

We have passed through Dodge City about 2 years ago on our way to Branson. The road was under construction and still is. Last time we checked it out and it looked like old buildings that were newly constructed with new paint – all hype.

Lots of feed lots along the way too. If you don’t see them you can certainly smell them.

Somebody likes wind spinners and yard decorations. I bet there were about 200+ feet.

I read that since it is so cold that some birds will be flying further south. This is one of 4 flocks of geese we saw, all at the same time. H-U-G-E is an understatement.
We passed through Rock, OK and saw a sign in front of a house said - You are between Rock
and our house!!

There was a tiny, rural post office here too, where we stopped to mail an international package. The lady behind the window said she does not do these very often, so Gene had to tell her how.

A dear friend is from Shawnee, OK and knows people there. We waved at them at we went past!!

The whole 3rd day was foggy and this was one of the worst sections just east of Shawnee.
We woke up this AM in Checotah, OK to these beautiful Cardinals in the tree next to our window. We hardly ever see pretty or different birds at our house in CO, so this was a treat. A huge blue jay visited too.
It rained all last night and is raining east of here in Arkansas, so we are staying put until tomorrow. The weather says sunny all the way to FL.


mymomsbooks said...

Have a safe trip. You must be where it's warm now. Enjoy your journey and selling in your mobile Ebay home.

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Thank Suzanne. Yes it is getting warmer and will be even better in a few days.


JanaZ said...

Louise! You were within a couple of miles from my house when you were traveling past Dodge City through to Mullinville (where you saw the conglomeration of Liggett's "art work" standing alongside the highway.) We are in Bucklin, but if you are ever passing through Dodge again and would like to meet for a meal or something...just give me a shout! I would drive up in a heartbeat to meet you!
Wishing you safe...but fun...travels!

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Wow Jana, I really need to do a map of where everyone is. Hmmm is there a program for that? Thanks, Louise