Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yahoo Groups Message Boards

I have been on many message boards on many different venues, over the years, but my absolute favorite message boards are the ones with Yahoo Groups.

They differ from others in many respects - 
  • Every message posted can be sent to an email box; 
  • it is very easy to respond to any message;
  • a Daily Digest can be set up and sent one time a day;
  • a reader can go to the board and read there and not get anything in email;
  • the posted messages can be read individually or by subject; 
  • they are easy to turn off when on vacation or not wanting the emails cluttering the mail box. 
  • plus many more positive aspects. 
There are thousands of groups on any and every subject under the sun.

Some of the groups I belong to are about RVing; eBay; The Law of Attraction,; Young Living Essential Oil; PrePaid Legal, FreeCycle and Buy and Sell groups in our city, plus many more.  

There are a few caveats - 
  • on the social groups they tend to get click-ish and very personal.  And unfortunately there are always a few "mouths" who have to be in everyone's face and bring drama to the group.  They are best to be ignored and interact with the people who offer information and insight.;
  • On the business groups there is alot of moderation, to prevent spamming, so there is a delay in responses going live.. I tend to think that on some of the give away boards the moderators get first dibs on the stuff being given away.
Some of my favorites are -

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