Monday, December 13, 2010

Steve Taube (RIP) /Turquoise Artist Bad Boys Mine, Cripple Creek CO

In Oct. 2010 we were at a craft show in Palmer Lake, CO.  Across from us was the mother of a turquoise jeweler/ artist who wraps Cripple Creek turquoise in sterling silver. 

We really liked his work so when we got home we checked eBay and the only Cripple Creek stones I found were just nuggets and none that were wrapped.
Normally I am not looking for consignment items to sell, but this intrigued me.

Long story short, we met the jeweler at his home.  Steve Taube, gave us a complete tour and started by showing us the rough stone, the way it comes out of the mine. (Update - Steve is now deceased  - RIP)
Each time a rough rock is cut, ground and polished is like Christmas morning, opening a new present.
And the machines he uses to grind 

and polish the stones.
As we sat at the table he wrapped a nugget in 3 separate strands of sterling silver wire.

It is rumored that there is trouble at the mine and it is now closed for an indefinite amount of time.  Fortunately Steve has many pounds of the rock but once it is gone, who knows if or when there will be anymore.  

Steve's signature is the little loops at the top of all his pieces. 
He has a fantastic reputation and a following.  Here is a feedback we received from one of the pieces we sold on eBay."GOOORGEOUS turquoise! Exceptional Artist Piece, My 3rd from him Super Quick Ship "   

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