Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SOLAR TUBE Skylight GREEN - Saves Electric

This is a solar tube we had installed in our kitchen because it was so dark.  There is a back porch with a roof that shades the window and we found ourselves turning on the light in the middle of the day -  total waste of electricity and money.

The round solar tube in the ceiling.

 It is a tube lined with bright, shiny aluminum and goes up to the roof on an angle.  There is no heat loss and no heat gain.
It is so bright it took us a few months to not reach for the light switch when we left the room.  LOL
It is hard to get a good photo with the sun coming in so bright.  It took them just a few hours to install.
Our neighbors roof with several solar tube domes on top.  They come in different sizes too.
These skylights are a fantastic alternative to the old fashioned skylights with the plastic covers that yellow and crack, leak and get dirty.

We have never had to clean ours at all and if we do, the panel just turns off inside the house.  They are perfect for any area, room or closet that is dark during the day.  As the old saying goes - try it; you'll like it.  

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