Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wow we made position # 1 on EntreCard/Travel 5/29/11

EntreCard is a way to promote a blog and eBay listings.  If you look on the right side of this page, you see a box with a photo and it says 'drop'.  For members of EntreCard you visit others sites, drop and hopefully they will drop back on you.  The more you drop the better.  We are averaging 220 -225 drops a day.

Gene has only wanted to play CLUB POGO on the computer and a little while ago he offered to help me drop,  So every night he does 100 or so and I finish the next day.  What a sweetheart he is to help me like that!!

There are over 1200 blogs in the travel category and I am so over exited we made it to #1 for however long. Just knowing it is possible is so rewarding.

The advantage of all the drops is that it tells Google we are a viable blog and that a lot  of people visit it and thereby moving it up in the rankings. 

We learned how do to EntreCard from Danna Crawford in a webinar for members at Virtual Online Learning.

If you join EntreCard (it is free) let me know and we will drop on you too!!


nilam said...

congrats friend
and keep be the first

Interesting Foto said...

your reap the rewards because of your untiring efforts. congrats.

Sandy said...

I noticed the change this am also. I've been #1 from time to time; but when you don't have time to drop off. Congrats

I'm confused though everytime I see your blog and your avatar, Herbs Crafts and Gifts....why aren't you in the hobby category, or the home and garden?

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Interesting question. This blog started when we were traveling in our RV. Now we are not traveling as much so I post stuff about other things too.

We sell the herbs, crafts and gifts and don't make that many crafts so that category would not work either.

Thanks for your observation.

birs gonzo said...

that's great