Monday, August 8, 2011

El Paso County Fair, CO July 2011

The El Paso County Fair is held the last week of July in Calhan, CO - about 35 miles east of Colorado Springs.  We had two spaces and were lucky to have fantastic neighbors. 

In one booth we write names on rice, put the rice into a glass vial and make a necklace or key chain. The other side was "Cool Downz" Scarfs, our pretty long scarves that are on eBay, "No Headache" sun visors and shoelaces.

It is just like the old fashioned fairs of my childhood with some updates. Mostly about the 4-H and the kids animals - showing, be judged and finally selling at the livestock auction on the last Sat. 

Even the girls rode the mechanical bull.
Sparky visited for a few hours!

Euro Bubbles now called Walk on Water Bubbles!

Draft horses pulled up to 7500 pounds

Looking down the main 'street'.  We are the last booth on the left end.

Our 2 booths with the curly fries booth next to us.

There was so much more to this fair but we were not able to leave to get photos.  It is a fun time for families, kids and everyone else. 

PS Added 8/22/11 - We are very appreciative for the note the fair sent us thanking us for our participation.  It is the1st time in our 14 years of doing state and county fairs we have gotten a note with a hand written side note.  It really means alot. Thank you Janice and Sherry.


baterya said...

i really would love to attend to a county fair.. i would see them only on television and it looks fun and entertaining.. thanks for sharing.. have a nice day

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Thanks - Yes they are fun and a State Fair is a lot bigger and much more to see and do.

Davidlind said...

Looks like you had a great time. Trying to bring some rain down there but not on this day!