Thursday, September 15, 2011

Character Sightings at Colorado State Fair 2011

Matt Meister (one our best weather man) with a baby water buffalo.  Our booth is behind them!
Matt Meister in a Walk on Water - Euro Bobble / Bubble. He did the weather broadcast from in there.
Wendy and a Wendy's Frosty giving out coupons!
The Pirate show was right behind us next to the Euro Bubbles.
Capt. Jack Sparrow and boy was this guy good.  He even had the walk down right when he was strolling the fairgrounds 
Capt. Hook! It was nearly 100 most days and that costume is velvet!!
Applebee's Bee
Smokey the Bear

Bio Fuel Ear of Corn  

And finally the procession of buses and vans bringing the in the buyers for the livestock auction.  Too bad they are bussed in and out and they never have a chance to walk the fairgrounds!!


elegantKB said...

I always like people watching ... having characters at the fair is definitely an attraction. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

Danna Crawford said...

Great photos Louise! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Keefe said...

Louise, Love the people posts. Fairs are always fun and people make them more so!