Monday, October 24, 2011

Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, Sister Bay, Door County, WI

My daughter and I visited Door County many years ago and I wanted to be sure to visit this restaurant - known the world over for the goats on the grass roof.  The day we were there there were 3 goats up there.

I guess there is plenty of grass up there - this guy is pretty chubby.  LOL

There are 2 in this photo!

Bread plate.  The slice in front was a thin version of zwieback with cinnamon and sugar, assorted breads and flat breads and a dish of lingonberries.
My lunch - Pickled beets, cottage cheese, assorted cheeses, tomatoes and best of all pickled herring. There was so much herring we saved it in our cooler and had it for lunch the next 2 days. 
Gene's lunch - Eggs, Swedish meatballs and Swedish Pancakes. 

 Fantastic food, great decor and a view of Green Bay out the front window.  It was so nice being there in the off season, but not cold yet!!! Life was good and we really recommend this restaurant.  


Split Rock Ranch said...

The food looks absolutely delish! Love the goats on the roof. They probably made it up there and decided they liked it so the owners wisely decided to use that to their advantage. Goats are like that! LOL

Rose said...

The goats are too funny! It looks like a neat place.