Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Hail Storm Colorado Springs CO June 6, 2012

Our back yard.
We were at a little League game.  Weather prediction was 10% chance of rain.  The games were put on hold because of lightening.  At the very same time I received a weather alert that there was a severe thunderstorm for the whole county, it started hailing.  

We had to drive the 7 miles home in the rain in hail after pausing a few minutes under an overpass.  

It hailed the whole way home and the water  was running hard, fast and wide.  Had we delayed any longer we may have been stuck in  the fast moving water.  News said it was a 100 year storm and 4" fell in 2 hours with some baseball sized hail (thank goodness we didn't see any of that!!)

Here are some photos I took last night and this morning

The yard is blanketed with shredded maple leaves
Our pot of pansies devastated
Parsley and Chives without leaves and blooms and hail still there at 10AM this morning.
Yarrow crushed and a hole in St. Francis' bird bath
Water rushing in our gutter, sidewalk and driveway. The street is 5 lanes and the water was from curb to curb.
The mall near us.  These piles are the way there were, not plowed.
The drainage is so bad the hail piled up.  The roadway was cleared but it was solid last night. 12 cars had to be pulled out.
See the 2 workers on top of the pile.  An opening was plowed so cars could pass through.
Our grass and swing.  It will be amazing if our garden survives.

We are very lucky, little damage and a few dents in the car but our neighbors and many people have water in their basement. Heard on the police radio a blind woman called 911 because she felt water on her feet and thought her house may be flooding.  Can you imagine that fear? 


papel1 said...

Wow what a storm. I knew about it from the weather channel. I remember camping in the Rockies in the summer and you never could predict the bad weather even in June and July

Tammy said...

I thought that was snow. That's a lot of hail.

Lynne said...

WOW! That's quite a storm! We had similar here in N. Texas the other day, just didn't have nearly as much hail. Sorry to see your garden in such distress.

Sandra Cobb said...

How horrible for you! I remember such a storm once in South Carolina at my Mother's house many years ago. Lucky my daughter and I were visiting and decided to stay the night. She lived alone and was terrified by the breaking windows and the noises of the night caused by a severe hail storm. My car took a bit of damage too... little dents all over it's body, lol.

Melissa Jimenez said...

Wow! I'm in Pueblo. We missed the last round of hail. It's crazy how it hails here. We build our home 10 years ago and already had to replace the roof a few years ago.

Joyce Lansky said...