Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Trip to Zion National Park, AZ 7/2012

In July we took off a week from eBay and drove to Zion National Park (just north east of St. George, Utah) and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here are some of sights we saw on the way. 
River rafters on the Arkansas River in Western Colorado

Western Colorado - near Grand Junction

Near Colorado - Utah border

Eastern Utah - that is quite the median - see the vehicles on the other side!?

Ate lunch on 2nd day here in Salida, UT

View from the road driving in to Zion National Park

Zion - there are lots of hiking trails- see folks on top - they hiked up there! 

Rock climbing is allowed on any rock face.  Zion is like the Grand Canyon in reverse. Grand Canyon goes down, Zion goes up.
There are so many visitors to the park that the Park Service has these shuttles that take folks to many different stops on the valley floor.  We just rode the round trip along with hikers, rock climbers and photographers etc.

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