Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dad's Collection of Mugs

Smaller Lidded Stein- Hofbrauhaus, Munich Germany
The question always was 'what do we buy Dad for his birthday or Christmas'? Being German one of the default things was a Beer Stein or coffee mug.  He did not drink much - a beer now and then, but never out of one of his steins.  They sat on the top of the bookshelf in the front hall for years. 

Now we are getting to the age where we have to decide what is going to happen to all the 'stuff' my Mom & Dad accumulated over the years. None of our 6 kids want it so we are having to sell it.

Zurich, Switzerland Lidded Stein
Christmas 1977 Ice Skaters Lidded Stein

Father's Day 1979 William Tell.

Original Play Boy Club Mug / Glass with Bunny & Key

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