Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes people watching at any fair or show is worth our fee to be there.  This fair was no exception.
Supposedly there were 4 STATE FAIR SUPER HEROES walking around the fair too.  This is COTTON CANDY.  Never found out who the guy is.  We regret we did not get a photo of LARK MAN, who was around alot and very committed to his duties!

We love coordinating outfits and this man had our admiration. Even orange shoes.  I suspect if there were orange jeans he would have them too. We have some shoelaces that would match perfectly. Herbscraftsgifts eBay Shoelaces


One of the street entertainers are WASHBOARD WILLIE AND WISHBOARD WANDA.  They are the cutest couple, he sings and pulls a little wagon while playing different instruments and a washboard.
And since we are in Florida, we think there are those that only own shorts, so when it gets cold they have to improvise with long johns!

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papel1 said...

Hope you are enjoying the fair in Florida. To find heat we went to Laughlin NV where it was over 70 degrees. We were among over 1000 more RVs but had a good site in RV park. Enjoyed your pictures.