Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some of the FOOD at the FLORIDA STATE FAIR 2010

These are not the real cookie we knew as kids as elephant ears.  They are just flattened, fried dough, sorta like a funnel cake with no spaces and done as one solid piece.

In New Mexico it is called Indian Fry Bread.  These had a ton of powdered sugar and no cinnamon.  The fry bread, we are well acquainted with, is served with honey or as a Navajo taco with all the taco makings on top. 

This sounded awful until it was described on TV that made it sound more tastful than biting into a hunk of butter. They mix the butter with cinnamon and brown sugar and using an ice cream scoop make a ball.  Freeze it and then dip it in funnel cake batter.  Fry it. The butter melts inside the dough so when it is bitten into it, the melted butter drips out.  It is probably pretty hot too so caution has to be taken not to burn the mouth.

DEEP FRIED PEPSI is just that Pepsi is mixed in the batter.

This was voted the #2 most popular food at the fair.  It is made with 2 sugar glazed donuts as the bun and then all the hamburger fixin's. It has over 2000 calories. 

Thanks to a very nice man who had just bought one and let me take the photo.  There was a line to buy them on the busy days.  

And we wonder why this country has a weight problem. Yikes!!!


Eileen said...

That burger is interesting and yuck all at the same time! I just can't see how the sweet and hamburger works....but if people are eating it must be good right! YIKES 2000 calories!!!!

Chrisbeads said...

Made me sick just thinking about it! Why would you eat something that awful.