Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homemade Applesauce - Jonathan Apples

 Fall is the time for Apples and there is nothing better than home made apple sauce. I don't use a recipe because it is so easy.

These were Jonathan Apples. Add alittle water so they do not stick until the juice starts to come out. Add a squirt of lemon juice so the apples do not turn brown (Sometimes I use Fruit Fresh instead.)  If desired add cinnamon sticks while they are cooking.
Cook until they are very mushy.  Remove cinnamon sticks.

The tool on the right is invaluable.  You want the core out, but peel left on. Process the cooked apples in a food mill.  The red skins will give the apple sauce a pink color.  Add sugar and more cinnamon, if necessary or wanted.


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