Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AmerAsia – Diem Sum Albuquerque, New Mexico

This restaurant is absolutely our most favorites and every time we are in NM we eat there at least one time.
So what is Diem Sum? Most are small tidbits – usually just a few bites that can be eaten with chopsticks or the fingers. The host or hostess pushes a little cart with all the selections on it. You make a selection and they put 3 on a separate plate on your table. We were at a huge Diem Sum restaurant in Chinatown in Chicago and each host goes around among the tables with only one selection the cart.
There is soy sauce or a hot chile pepper paste on the table as condiments

We always start with a Sichuan Salad and since we are not experts with chopsticks, ask for a fork. It is cold noodles with carrots & celery and slightly spicy.

Next favorite is the scallion pancake – a delicious layered pancake that you can actually taste the scallions / green onions.

Curry Pasty made with flaky crust and curried veggies.
There are too many other favorites to have all in one visit, so gee whiz, we have to go back to get it all!! LOL

Steamed dumping stuffed with beef & garlic then deep fried – Beef Jiao Tzu

Steamed and stuffed with beef and water chestnuts – Phoenix Eye

Raised dough filled with Chinese BBQ Pork & steamed – Bao Zi

Traditional Pot Stickers with Pork, Cabbage and Ginger – Pork Jiao Tzu

And then what we have for dessert –
Sesame Balls – Sweet rice dough coated with sesame seeds and filled with sweet red bean paste.

Snowballs – OMG are these good. Sweet rice dough stuffed with fruit filling and rolled in coconut and a small piece of lemon peel on top.

Fried egg roll skins or wonton wrappers and heavily coated with powdered sugar.

At the end of the meal our hostess counts how many plates and figures the total.

There are many other selections too but these are the ones we like best.

We leave there full, satisfied and feeling good that we ate lots of good, freshly prepared food.
AmerAsia shares the building with a sushi restaurant at 800 3rd St. (3rd goes south in front of the building – north of Lomas). Open 11AM to 2 PM Monday to Sat. and 5:30 – 8:30 Fri. and Sat.


papel1 said...

That looks so tasty. Been RVing but for practical reasons not far from home. One to visit my stepmother, and then this week an overnighter to show my 8 year old niece what RVing is like. She had fun but today I am napping alot and recovering.

Danna Crawford said...

wow now I am starved,, lol What a great post you did! Fantastic photos!!! xo