Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lobster Gram - Yummy

My birthday continued after we returned home from NM. One of my gifts was a Lobstergram from my daughter Linda & Todd. They sent an email with the gift number and a phone number to call to arrange for delivery and it was sent FedEx overnight with an email notice that it was sent.

We arranged for it to be delivered on Wed 8/12, knowing we would be home for sure and would be able to cook them that night.
Mr. FedEx man brought the stryofoam box about 12:20. I laughed and asked him if they were my lobsters and he said yes. Then I told him that I would invite him for dinner – but was selfish, sorry! He walked away laughing.

Once we opened the box there was the hardware (bib, nutcrackers and pick). The food was piled in there. A box that had a plastic bag with New England Clam Chowder; 2 packages of oyster crackers; 2 1# bags of clams (there were a total of 20 of them); a whole lemon; a small container of clarified butter; 2 packages with 2 red potatoes and 1 ear of corn with the husk; and then sitting on top of 2 frozen packs were 2 / 2# lobsters trying to move around.

Preparing for dinner we had to have wine in our good wine glasses.

I steamed the clams and ate them about 2 hours before dinner, so we would be ready to enjoy our most luxurious meal.

Since we were having butter with the lobsters I made seafood sauce with ketchup and Boar’s Head Horseradish sauce.

They sure look big!!

The corn and the potatoes in their individual packages.

The instructions said to put them in head 1st so the feelers or claws won’t slap your arm, (which happened to me the 1st time I cooked lobster nearly 50 years ago)!

Dinner is ready!

And then Gene being the joy that he is, surprised me with an ice cream cake. (I am named after my grandmother and she was Weez so they call me that too!)

The cake lasted for days, so this was very special celebration.

We highly recommend LobsterGram for special gift giving. Everything was perfect from start to finish and they have other things besides seafood, like fantastic looking steaks and aged beef.
Thanks to everyone who made it so very special.


The Postcard Emporium said...

That looks sooooo good! I am a Midwest gal so I would have to get the tail, wouldn't know what to do or how to eat the whole beast. LOL

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

LOL That's why they give you the nutctrackers, to break the claws. I think the claw meat is sweeter. and it is alot less work than king crab legs.

Danna Crawford said...

Man that looks so darn good!!! What a special daughter you have Louise!!! VERY COOL!!!

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Thanks yes it was fantastic and they have all sorts of goodies. The steaks look outrageous too.

Alexander Over Street said...

That looks awesome!

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