Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Peach Jam Fall 2010

We made a new discovery this year.  Getting to the Farmer's Market fairly early let us get some bargains -specifically fruit that was slightly bruised and sold at a drastic discount.  The drawback was that it had to be prepared as soon as we got home.  Some of the peaches were soft but not rotten yet, but it would not take long before they were spoiled.
Just some of the peaches waiting to be processed, after they were washed and the bad spots cut off.
Putting them into boiling water for a few seconds, helps to loosen the skin making it easier to remove. That is the peach fuzz floating on the top of the water.
Notice how they look different after they are removed from the boiling water and placed in an ice water bath?
And the skin, slips right off.
After they were peeled, we put them through the food grinder with the medium blade. Here they are cooking in the pot following the directions in the Sure-Jel; package.
Processing in the water bath, again following directions.

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