Thursday, September 16, 2010

V irtual Online Learning Webinar on ENTRECARD

Members of Danna Crawford's Virtual Online Learning are offered several opportunities, for learning all aspects of online business, through webinars, several times a month.

One of those topics was Entrecards!  This is a way for writers of blogs to promote their blog on other peoples blogs, for free.

Once I signed up, I was given a virtual business card.  I visit other blogs and say "hi - I have been here", by dropping my card in the Entrecard box.  Each time I do that I get points that will allow me to place a link to my blog on theirs. 

The more cards I drop, the faster I move up in a search of different blogs under special topics. While I am watching TV in the evening I am also dropping.  Some days 50, some days up to 300.  My link is pretty much above the fold in the top 3 lines of the travel category. 

If you look on the right side of this page you can see someone else's ad on my page.  They have paid to be there and I get those points added to my account which will then allow me to place an ad on others pages.

The benefit from this is more visitors to my blog.  Google likes lots of hits and they will move that blog up in their search.  I have been on page 1 of a Google search on several subjects.  The most popular one right now is Euro Bubbles at the Florida State Fair. 

And by using Feedjit, I am able to tell where all the hits are coming from, which is from all over the world.

Has it helped my business?  I like to think yes because pro active efforts any self promotion helps.  

Once you add Entrecard to your Blog, please let me know so I can drop and advertise for you too.  

You too can be a student of these webinars that are less than an hour.  There are no assignments or time consuming homework.  There is no better bargain on the internet


CatPurry said...

Great explanation of how this works Louise. I think I signed up for it a long time ago and never understood how it worked. I should have been at that Webinar too!

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Thanks Pat. If you need help, let me know. Johnny in the group helped me really find my way around faster and more efficiently.

Danna Crawford said...

I think Louise has become our official Entrecard Expert!!! She is now teaching me things I didn't know!! Very very cool for sure!!! Thanks for the great post and sharing the VOL love! ♥