Friday, October 15, 2010

Now that it is Cool our Herbs and Spices are Relisted


The cool weather is upon us and our herbs and spices are relisted and will be safe to ship without alot of heat to harm them.

Now is the time to start collecting items to put in those holiday gift baskets.  How about a themed basket?  Here is a list of suggestions - Gift Basket suggestions

Don't forget:-
* Because of our concern for the environment  and excess waste, all our herbs and spices are packaged in small bags rather than glass or plastic bottles, so all those glass bottles can be recycled.
* All bags are heat-sealed in a smoke free & pet free kitchen.
* Typically the shelf life of herbs or spices is 1 year. It is recommended they be replaced annually to have the most flavor.

* Most cooks do not use large quantities so at these prices it is more economical to buy in smaller quantities & not have to throw away a lot of old, stale herbs that have lost their flavor and in some cases, color.
* Don't let our low prices fool you, it is not unusual for herbs and spices to be marked up several 1000's of percent in the grocery stores.  Our herbs and spices are all high quality. and since we buy in bulk and repackage into smaller packages and we can pass the savings on.
* Besides using these herbs and spices in your own kitchen they make perfect gifts for a friends, relatives, teachers or in  gift baskets. 

* We sell Culinary, Mexican/Alternative Herbs, Yerbas and Remedios. 

List of Herbs and Spices

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Herbowski said...

Interesting article. I've been using such herbs/spices myself for a longer period of time, and I can say that they can also actually treat and prevent many diseases for which most people would use pharmaceutical products. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives, and I believe that more people should know about it.