Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ken Buck; Peggy Littleton and Larry Liston

L - R Larry Liston; Peggy Littleton; Gene; Me; Ken Buck
First thing you need to know is that for political signs, we have a prime corner on a fairly busy street.  Since we have lived here we have allowed political signs, after we give permission.

This year it has been alittle different.  During the primary we TV watchers were subjected to continuous negative campaigns.  We really believe that a candidate should and must tout what they intend to do, not what the oppositions shortcomings are.  

I have been in retail for may years and am curious when advertising turned around and started mentioning the competition.  Why anyone would mention the opponents names is beyond me!
So during the primary we pulled signs for anyone doing negative campaigning.  Now for the general election - his sign reappeared so we pulled it again.  

Then out of the clear blue sky another sign appeared for another candidate who we have never met, or gave permission too.

So what else does one do but gripe on Facebook.  LOL.  
There was all sorts of responses and lo and behold the door bell rang tonight and there stood all 3 of them - Ken Buck for US Senate, Peggy Littleton running for County Commission and Larry Liston our State Rep. 

They were on a tight schedule but just had to stop by and clear the air.  To say we are impressed is a huge understatement.  For them to take the time to visit us and chat for even just a few minutes is humbling.  

Not only we will put up their signs again, we will also be putting one up for John Suthers- our Attorney General running for reelection.

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