Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scarves and Scarf Clips / Holders

Scarves are becoming popular again as a fashion accessory.  One outfit can be changed dramatically with the addition of different scarves. Going from the office to dinner?  Try a solid during the day and a more playful one in the evening!

Or even make a statement with your scarf like the red one for Heart awareness day or month; pink ribbon ones for Breast Cancer Awareness and support; all the different holidays, singers / musicians love the musical ones, and on and on.

The scarf clips just slides up and snaps closed, so there is no bulky knot.  I think it depends on the outfit on whether it is tied or has a holder.

Our polyester satin striped scarves are soft like silk, machine washable and come out of the dryer looking better than new.

What is satin striped? The design is printed on cloth that is strips of smooth satin and a strip of see thru fabric.

I love to wear a scarf under the collar of a jacket or blouse or doubled up under a coat.  Wool makes me itch but these are just as toasty and not as bulky. 

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