Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Love eBay

eBay is so many things to so many people.  For us it is a way for us to keep busy, now that we are retired. There is so much to sell.  
Our eBay listings 
For many years we did craft shows and state fairs and found merchandise that folks really liked that we have continued selling on eBay.  

Over the years, like everyone else,  we have accumulated 'stuff' and for the most part, none of our children want any of it. So besides the new items, we are selling the other 'stuff' for 2 reasons 1 - so they won't have to and 2 - so we can enjoy the $$  LOL.   It also helps to  keep our bodies active and minds agile..

As an experienced seller, I am also an Education Specialist Trained by eBay. I love to talk about eBay all the time, enjoy meeting like-minded folks. Now I can really talk about the wonders of eBay all the time, help buyers and train folks face to face or on the phone, too. 

I am also helping to revive this Meetup group, here in Colorado Springs.
As this group grows our mission is to help sellers increase sales by learning and understanding all the ways to make the job easier, more fruitful and the roll social media plays in promoting our eBay listings.  It is also good to help buyers understand the process.  

I also have a group on Facebook - eBay Sellers Only.  Lots of conversation about the workings of eBay, we all help each other brainstorm situations and how to create a better listings and so much more.   

eBay on Location 2012 - Denver and Philly
Every year eBay holds these events in different cities. This May 2012 it will be in Denver CO and in Sept. in Philadelphia, PA.  

If you have free time and stuff to sell, consider eBay as an additional source of income  People from all walks of life are also making a living selling here too from 16 year olds to 80+ and everyone in-between working for just a few hours a week to full time +.  

Our business is a partnership.  I do all the computer work and Gene keeps and stores the inventory and does all the shipping.  Somedays we feel like the find of a lifetime is just waiting for us at the next yard sale or church sale, so we both go sourcing together, too.   

If I can answer any questions or help in any way I am always available through the comments section on this page and if you liked this blog, please like or leave a comment.  Thanks 

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Brenda said...

I love selling on Ebay too. I sell my handmade crafts. I'm always interested in learning more about ways to get more sales. Too bad I'm in CA, so I can't go to that conference.