Tuesday, April 10, 2012

American Patriotic Holidays are Coming USA!

It is never too early to prepare for all the patriotic events we have during the year and especially an election year.  Memorial day - May 30; July 4th; Labor Day 1st Mon. in Sept.; and election day with all the events, rally's and parades leading up to all of them.

13" x 60 long, light weight scarf. Perfect for under the collar, in the hair or tied to a purse. 
Adorable 2" rubber duck
Empty glass vial for mementos, rice, jewels, ashes or ??
Small American flags on wooden sticks.  NEW

US Army  soldier Duck
Larger print American flag scarf.   

We are proud to help celebrate these American holidays.  Please check out our eBay store for hundreds more great items. 

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Brenda said...

Very nice items! I was only thinking about 4th of July, I almost forgot Memorial Day! Thanks for reminding me.