Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Kitchen Workspace & Small Appliances

As with most folks one of the most important rooms for me when buying this house was the kitchen.  This is my corner for food prep.  The stove is to the left, sink to the right and refrig straight behind me.

Starting at the stove - Utensils in stainless canisters; salt & pepper in little dishes; onions & shallots under shelf.
Rounding the corner - Measuring cups & spoons hanging; bottles of vegetable & olive oil; cup with smaller utensils.
Hand made cutting board with a plastic place mat to prevent slipping; small appliances behind it
L to R - All electric - Juicer with 2 sizes; Salad Shooter for grating cheese, making bread crumbs, grinding meat for croquettes etc.; Stick / immersion blender and electric water kettle.
Cutting board behind was my grandmothers - over 100 years old; mini food processor for nuts and a whole head of garlic; knife block.
Living behind the knife block is the box grater and the scraper to help with kneading yeast bread or moving chopped things from the cutting board.
And to the left of the sink and partly under the window are the canisters with the clear one storing browned flour for red chile and gravy.

I really like to cook and try new things.  With everything so handy in this work space daily chores become delightful.


papel1 said...

Your kitchen really looks organized. I have never done well in organization. After we retired it was I who cooked dinner. My husband decided he would always clean up the kitchen after dinner. Now it looks organized.

Marms said...

Besides the bathroom, I like the kitchen too. Whenever I am in my kitchen, makes me want to eat. :)


silvergirl said...

your cute kitchen looks really tidy..