Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to reHeat Leftovers without a Microwave

I am an old fashioned cook and never really did learn to rely on a microwave except for melting butter.  We use stackable bamboo steamers.  The first time we were so amazed. The mashed potatoes came out fluffy and moist, the gravy - perfect.  Many times we will make like a TV dinner plate for each person and steam the whole plate.  Other times we will do just each thing separately. 

Thanksgiving leftovers
Our Corningware dishes have shallow soup bowls that we use for each person.
Each dish goes in one steamer and can be stacked pretty high.

The steamer is sitting in a Cuisinart Wok but any wide pot / pan will work, just be sure keep an eye on water level.

I just shared this idea on my Facebook Group - What's For Supper. 

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papel1 said...

It is funny Louise, I just bought a bamboo rice steamer like yours. But I am not using it as a steamer, I am storing sewing supplies and it makes for a nice colorful display of my spools of thread. I am afraid I could not live without my microwave.