Saturday, May 18, 2013

Big Texan Steak House, Amarillo TX Tourist Attraction too

We have visited this restaurant several times and each time it is more amusing.  There is more to it than the food (which is delicious by the way!) They will send a free limo to pick customers at from the local hotels.  The driver is a big, tall good looking cowboy and the car had a set of long horns on the hood.  Just a riot!
Just like everything in Texas, this chair is huge.  (See the statue behind the chair to really appreciate how big it really is.)
The founder - R.J. "Bob" Lee
They sell these old time photos in the gift shop.  When you walk to the side you see the ugly side of that person!!

They even had one where the head turned into skeleton skull.
The room is covered and surrounded with stuffed animal heads, horns etc.
Notice the long horns under the deer and elk head. I blurred those folks out because I did not have permission to publish them on the internet!!
 Next time we go thru Amarillo we will stop at this novelty restaurant again, and definitely get the limo to bring us there. 

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papel1 said...

We have been to Amarillo twice staying in an RV park. Did not go to the Texan Steak House the first time but we had our 10 year niece on our second visit so we had to go! Loved the limo drive. A fun place and I just wish it was closer. The food was great and the gift shop was fun.