Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Original Donut Shop, San Antonio, Texas

 A San Antonio icon, our family recommended this restaurant to us for the best tacos in the city.  The donuts are not shabby either. ;) Totally unassuming and it does not have to be fancy to be enjoyed. 
Jefferson/Deco District 3307 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201 - where Vance Jackson ends on the south end.
A taco in this part of Texas is a soft flour tortilla with a filling. Breakfast taco with egg, bacon & potato. My anglo mouth was afraid the sauce may be too spicy, but I dribbled on a few drops and it was delicious.
Gene loves hot, spicy food and the breakfast taco with chorizo, egg & potato was just what he wanted.

The line in the morning for both drive ups goes out toward the road and along the shoulder lane. Clever to have the 2 drive thru lanes!
Thought this was funny, no wait - really - no guns?  Guess this part of San Antonio is still part of the old west.   

Before we headed for home, we went back for donuts about 11 AM and the selection was vastly reduced. So this is one of those places where you better get their early for the best choices.  

For local food this is definitely someplace not a place to pass up. 

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