Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gene's Knee Replacement Surgery 4/10/13

Gene had his 3rd knee surgery done finally.  The right knee was replaced in 2000 and the glue did not stick so it was redone in 2008. We knew the left one was going to have to be done eventually.  Well eventually arrived this year. 

Because of an accident Gene has had over 20 orthopedic surgeries in the last 20 years.  We trusted Dr. Jepson but it does not hurt to be safe!!

The morning after surgery at, Penrose Main Hospital, he was up and walking and getting good range of motion.  He decided he did not want to use the continuous motion machine this time.  It seems he did better and got results faster. 
He was home 2 days after surgery.  This is the 1st morning home packing items for eBay.  We moved his  "shipping department" upstairs to the kitchen table until he was able to go down the stairs again.

Complete Home Healthcare sent an Occupational therapy gal, a nurse and a Physical therapy coach several times - Dr. Jay (last name??) .  The 1st PT guy - Tom - hurt Gene really bad.  He pushed down on his leg to straighten it and pulled a muscle in the back of his knee.  Poor thing was in agony for a full week.  Dr Jay was fantastic and after only 3 weeks Gene was at 120° extension and -2° flex.  The therapist couldn't believe it.  Dr. Jay said he never saw anybody do so well, so fast.  Yay Gene!!
Gene in the garden 7 weeks after surgery.  Before he would have never been able to bend that left knee like that. 

He is doing very well now 8 weeks after surgery that we have to remind ourselves that he will still have some stiffness and swelling, but overall he is doing things he wasn't able to do before. 

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Pamela Wilson said...

So glad to be updated on how Gene is doing! And so glad to see he is doing so well.
Big smiles here!
Pam and Jon