Tuesday, June 11, 2013

State Farm Refused to Renew our Homeowners Insurance.

We have been customers of State Farm for a very long time and have had automatic withdrawal, so were never late with a payment.  

Gene started with them when he was 19 and is 66 now - that is 53 years.  I started with them in 1962 until 1998 when I met Gene and that is 32 years.  So combined we have been insured by State Farm for 75 years. That is alot of premiums for house, cars, RV, trailers besides extra riders for stuff.  Like really - how dare them!!!
Hail in our back yard!
We were notified they would not renew our homeowners policy due to renew on June10th.  

Our history with them here in Colorado has been :-
2011 - A fence repair because a huge branch fell and destroyed the vinyl fence. Pay out = less than $2000.
2012 - after a horrible hail storm in June we had to have the roof replaced = $6500.
and last (this is the clincher) in 2010 we thought there was roof damage.  Adjustor came out, no roof problem and they did not pay anything, BUT that is considered a claim.  

3 claims in 8 years = Cancelled.  Does not matter how long and loyal we have been. 

There were 350 homes that burned plus who knows how many damaged last year because of the Waldo Canyon Fire, so a comment was made they are looking to cancel folks in Colorado Springs because of all the Fire claims. Our agent said clients are dropping like flies and taking all policies with them.

No matter what their reasoning, it sucks.  So be on notice.  If you have State Farm insurance - don't make any claims or you too can get launched like we did.

But when a door closes another opens and we now have a fantastic agent, with American Family Insurance with more coverage for less money each month. 

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papel1 said...

We were looking to change insurance companies last year and called the local State Farm. They said we were in a fire danger area and would not insure us, but we decided to stay with Firemans Fund. Thats too bad for you, such loyalty. But you found someone else so sometimes change can be good.