Monday, June 3, 2013

How we hollowed out a stump

One of our beautiful 70' Colorado spruce trees was hit by lightening several years ago.  It took 2 years to die and last summer we had to cut it down. 

We kept a tall stump. That circle is how far the branches extended and is 60 feet around!! 
Drilling holes to get a place to chisel out the stump. We couldn't just put a pot of flowers on top for fear it would get stolen.

Next was a thin saw blade to make cuts.

Chain saw!!

Then the chiseling started. The stump is not dead and the wood is still wet inside and wouldn't release hunks of wood very easily.

Gene got down 2 " but we needed to go deeper so my son brought his heavy duty 3/4" drill.

And tried using the big crow bar to get hunks out (that did not work), Gene had to use the small chisel and chain saw for the next 2" down.

Only took 2 1/2 days to get this done.  Yellow - because Gene sealed it with a water repellant.

2 short tubes for water drainage and 2 bolts screwed into the pot. 

Finished project. Next will be to plant a trumpet vine to wind itself around the stump and the big circle planted with wild flower seeds. 

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