Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indianapolis Motor Speedway 500 Race 2009

The entrance into the raceway on 16 th Street.

The famous pagoda at the starting line, with all the race officials. The area closest behind that high fence is for photographers. Notice the 2 rows of protective berms.
This infield road was straight in front of us. The tow trucks, ambulance and street sweeper were all parked there

With the zoom, we can see the other end of the same infield road. We could see the cars going by just under the sign along the white wall. I suspect that other side is 1 mile away. We were between turn 1 & 2 so that end is between 3 & 4 th turns.

The 4 pace cars coming around turn 1.

The pace cars on the pit road with the cars on the track. 1 more lap until green flag!!

During a yellow, all the cars are coming out of the pits and not on the track yet.


My cousin Ed and wife Terri from Florida.

Gene's daughter Kathy and Ray from Maryland.

Helio Castroneves in front.

They are racing. Fastest qualifying speed was 222. They were averaging 150 - 175 during the race.

2 cars tangled. The other one slid on it side from before turn one, past us to almost turn 2. This is #2 car Raphael Matos.

This poor guy fractured 2 vertebrae and will be out all season. #14 Vitor Meira

Helio just took the checkered flag. He got a check for $3, 000,000+.

End results!!


Danna Crawford said...

What a VERY COOL thing to experience! Fantastic photos! Love the one of you and Gene! Looking good my friend!!! xo

David said...

That really *was* good, Gene and Louise. Wow!!