Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 / We Took Our Top Off

At Joe's Crab Shack. You know you've seen those commercials. The top is the top of a blue enameled pan that is full of yummy seafood. Rarely do we fall for TV commercials but we really miss shellfish and couldn't let this go past. And are we glad we went. We have only been there at lunch but dinner time is crazy.
Gene & I shared the New England Bake - 2 whole lobsters; 1# of steamed clams; probably 10 or so shrimp; 2 red potatoes; small ear of corn and 6 hush puppies. (we traded the sausage for the hush puppies - served with tartar sauce.

Son and wife got the Classic Bake for 2 - Crab; shrimp; potatoes; the small ear of corns and they too traded the sausage for hush puppies. The paper cups had the drawn butter.
During dinner the music got louder and all the wait staff started dancing. It was too fun and our grandson just sat there staring, wondering what are these people doing!
I should have taken photos of dessert because they were outrageous. They had a huge piece of rich chocolate cake and we had crepes filled with vanilla ice cream and covered with bananas foster. Oh deal lord was that good.
When we got home the whole house smelled so good from the bouquet of stargazer lilies I received from my daughter and S.O. Notice my finger to see how huge this one blossom is.
I also heard for all the other kids so it was a great day.

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