Sunday, May 3, 2009

What We Started Selling on eBay Full Time

Pink Ribbons on Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Black & Metallic Gold No Headache SunVisor with sprial lace that does not pinch
American Flag Cool Scarf - Soak in water for 30 minutes and it swells. Put around the neck for a cooling effect for over 12 hours.
Pink Ribbon Shoelaces - Perfect for all those walks and races to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In Feb. 1998 we joined eBay and piddled with it for several years. The most memorable sale was the Poppin' Fresh (Pillsbury Dough Boy) Grandma & Grandpa.

I found them buried in the house among the kids toys (who were grown and gone years ago). I did the research, that was available at that time, and did not find any listed. What did that mean? Nobody wants them or they are rare? We listed them for $9.99 and they sold for $79.00. I was hooked.

We sold & bought things occasionally until we started doing the NM State Fair. Even tho' we were doing the rice necklaces we felt that we needed to round out our offerings. We added the No Headache Sun Visors and the Cool Scarves. After a few years came the Scarves and Shoelaces.

The fair is 17 days long and we had all that merchandise, so we started listing it on eBay. One of our 1st big sales was to a lady in Orlando Florida who bought a selection of the cat & dog scarves to sell as a fund raiser for an Animal Rescue group.

Now we have over 170 different designs of scarves, 100+ different sun visors, 40+ shoelaces and 15+ different cool scarves, most of which are available in multiples at wholesale prices for fundraising and gift giving.

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