Saturday, May 23, 2009

White Castle Hamburgers

Having grown up on Long Island, New York we knew 'fast food' before the phrase was invented. White Castle has been around since the 20's, I think. In the 50's they were 10 cents each and you could buy them by the bagful.

The come in these little boxes. When we would visit NY from NM we always had to have White Castles at least 1 time while we were there. Dad would buy 20 at a time and we all tried to stack the boxes into towers, sorta like the game Jenga.

The meat patty has 5 holes in it so it will cook faster. the cook one side on the grill. On the other side of the grill is the chopped onions. When it is time to flip the burgers, they go onto the chopped onions. Both parts of the bun are put on top and covered and steamed for a few minutes.
These are cheeseburgers and because of the steaming the bun was hard to take the top off for the photo.
They are only 3 - 4 bites. Nowadays copycat versions are called sliders. True White Castle lovers will not even try the frozen ones, that are now available all over the country.
It is one of those local things that you have to have them where they are made. Sorta like New York Bagels - nothing like them anywhere. It is said it is the water!! Who knows maybe it is just the attitude they are made with. Ahh New York Bagels - that will be this time next year!!!


Jimmy and Marshell said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Good eatin"! Interesting update on White Castle. A friend brought back a whole bag from a NY trip...your right, the frozen ones don't even compare:>)

Danna Crawford said...

Oh how I LOVE LOVE those little slammin' burgers!!!
When I would visit Chicago I would buy a bunch up and bring them home and freeze them,, lol

Now, I must go fire up my grill and pretend! lol

Louise said...

Thanks - they sure are yummy.

One of our visitors hadn't had them before, so we went back tonight and got a CRATE = 30. LOL

It was great. The perfect thing for today after the Indy 500 race and sitting in the sun all day.