Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cornish Hen Dinner

Valentine's Day is coming and nothing says a special dinner like Cornish Hens.  Back in the day we would serve 1 whole hen per person and there was tons of leftovers (But it was so dramatic to carry out a platter loaded with these little chickens!) 

 To help them roast faster I butterflied them (cut part of the back bone out and laid them flat) and served them quartered. We basted them with an orange sauce (but anything is good especially apricot).
 Deviled eggs, cooked carrots, and the the same basting sauce (I separated the sauce into 2 bowls so the one I basted with did not contaminate the dinner table sauce.)
 Stuffing (with apricots, orange, celery) and laid in the roasting pan 1st.  The Cornish hens laid on top of the stuffing with any excess tucked in under the hens.  Also pan roasted fingerling potatoes and braised fennel / anise in butter and orange juice.
That platter was my grandmothers and is over 100 years old.
This was actually our New Year's Day dinner but Cornish Hens can make a simple dinner look especially fancy. 


Rose said...

It looks like a wonderful meal!

Jen said...

Looks yummy :o) That platter is beautiful!

aynzan said...

I love that golden colour in the roasted chicken.I am sure just as it looks good it smells and tastes wonderful too.

Dawn Conklin said...

This looks so good!I have never made cornish hens for the family but may have to try them :)