Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flowers in Jars have Many Uses

First I have to say that these flower photos are from a blog called  Ramblings on Simplicity and Flowers. (The jar photos are mine!)

When my daughter was married last July in the mountains of Colorado she adapted this idea to identify where folks would sit.  Each bottle/ jar had local - native flowers in them with a tag attached with the guests name.  

Most of the guests flew in from the bride and groom's home city of Chicago and were not able to take their little vintage bottle. As a result we have several we are selling in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  They are all clear glass and most are antique.
This has a Giraffe and says Tonsiline on the side. 
Fly Tox is embossed on the neck.

Just another idea of what to do with a collection of different shapes and size bottles.  (Not my photo).
We have many bottles & jars available for sale on eBay and are willing to discount for a purchase of several. Some of these were never used for the wedding so many still look like the antique they are.


Speed said...

nice article and thanks for sharing information

Rose said...

What a great idea for the wedding! I hope that the bottles do well on eBay.