Sunday, January 29, 2012

International Shopping in Colorado Springs, CO

A friend was talking one day that she had not been to the Mexican or Asian grocery stores. One day last week we took the grand tour.  

We started off with our fantastic Herb & Spice store that has been featured on a few Food Network shows.   
Next stop was the Mexican market.  Their attention to detail in the produce department always awes me.
Yams, Nopals (Nopalitios - Cactus leaves), Avocados and red Chiles.
Long stalks of Sugar Cane.
On to the Asian market.  Wish I knew how to cook and use alot of those ingredients.
Love baby Bok Choy in stir fry.
3 tanks of Talipia

Roasted Ducks and BBQ ribs on the left

After looking at all that food we had to stop for lunch.  There are 2 of these restaurants here now and they have become one of our favorites.

Last stop was a German Deli.  Lots of authentic cold cuts and cheeses.  Had to get Liverwurst for me and Bloodwurst for Gene. 


Brenda said...

Looks like you had a fun time. I would love to go to a German Deli.

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

We were very surprised when we moved here that Colorado Springs has a large German population. Several delis, bakery's and restaurants. Since I was raised in a German / Irish household i am very happy to be able to get good German food & Cold Cuts.

meadowly said...

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